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Changed Lives – Let the Children Come to Me


by Jaime Flores, Pastor of the Milton Freewater Spanish Church

We were praying to God, asking Him to bring children to our Spanish church in Milton Freewater. Now we praise God because He did it. On Wednesday evening, April 11, we baptized one family with children! Thanks to God for hearing our prayers and for blessing our evangelistic campaign. The picture above is from a family from El Salvador, they came here five years ago. The father, Jose, used to be a student at a seminary of the Roman Catholic Church in El Salvador. Then, when war broke out, he decided to leave the Catholic Seminary and went to law school and became a lawyer.

The picture below is Carolina (mother) and Daniela (daughter). They were baptized on April 14, In addition to that, Carolina dedicated to the Lord her daughters, two beautiful girls. So, Milton Freewater Spanish Church is so happy seeing these children in church, learning from the Lord.

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Changed Lives – Gospel Long-Term Project

by Sergey Kuzmin, Pastor of the Russian-Ukrainian Federal Way Seventh-day Adventist Church

The program was prepared as part of the gospel long-term project to introduce people to Biblical end-time prophecies. Three families who belonged to a Pentecostal church visited the program. Their personal study of the Bible led them to believe that it was necessary to examine more closely the question of the Sabbath as the fourth commandment. They were opened to the influence of The Holy Spirit studying the Bible. Getting to know more about Daniel and Revelation prophesies they became convinced that the Sabbath is the true day of worship to God. Currently, communication with them continues in order to open to them other truths of the Bible.

Conducting Bible study programs among Russian speaking people is difficult because most are affiliated with a particular denomination, mostly Baptist and Pentecostal Churches. Thus, it is necessary to consider this fact, that these people have already accepted Christ as their personal Savior, and do not need an additional call to give their lives to the Lord. But the fact that many of them are willing to go beyond that level of understanding of the Bible, which was lacking in the churches of the Baptists and the Pentecostals, opens opportunities to preach the truth for the present time. Our new visitors questioned the stand of the church on temperance and the gift of prophecy as well. We pray that our loving Lord will continue to lead our new friends to steadily increase their knowledge and understanding the Adventist beliefs.

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Changed Lives – Jesus Gonzalez met Jesus trough Jesus Rodriguez

by Benjamin Tello, Pastor of the Milwaukie Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

Jesus is a common name in the Mexican culture. Many fathers name their children with this name to honor Jesus. For this reason this is a story of three Jesus’.

Jesus Rodriguez is a member of our church. He had a friend whose name is like his, Jesus Gonzalez. J. Rodriguez shared about Jesus with his friend, J. Gonzalez, but he didn’t have the time to listen. Unfortunately his friend began to have a bunch of problems.

J. Gonzalez’ wife abandoned him with his two children. Shortly, thereafter, he had a job related accident. When he was in the hospital, receiving treatment for his injures, the doctors discovered an illness in his kidneys. After further testing, he was told he had insufficient kidney function, caused by a rare family condition, and was in need of dialysis. As a result he lost his job, but not his friend J. Rodriguez.

J. Rodriguez took care of his friend and helped him with the treatments. The friendship between them grew stronger, and he shared Jesus with his friend once again. By this time the Milwaukie Spanish Church had started a Revelation Seminar. J. Rodriguez invited his friend to attend the seminar and finally he accepted.

I saw the two friends attend every night and I was privileged to witness Jesus Gonzalez accept Jesus and walk to the front during an altar call. He is now a member of our church.

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Changed Lives – Defeating Evolution

by Dustin Serns, Pastor of the Port Orchard Seventh-day Adventist Church

Right now, the Port Orchard Church is in the middle of an In the Beginning: The Origin of Species Seminar with Dr. Stan Hudson and God has been working.

Although raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dillon* (name changed) had gotten discouraged and become a self-proclaimed atheist. He still lived near his family but wanted nothing to do with church. The family was praying for Devin. When it came time for the seminar, they invited him to come with them. The topics peaked his interest and he decided to come step foot inside a church for the first time in years!

Sean, a high achieving high school senior, has aspirations of becoming a cardiologist. He regularly attends church with his family, but only his mom has made a decision to become a Seventh-day Adventist. They were among the first to pre-register for the seminar and have been loving it. His mom shared, “Praise God! Sean said that he really likes Dr. Stan and he is using great science to defeat evolution!!! This has been a bit of a battle for him being so scientific and had me worried.”

We praise God for how He is working and continue to pray for Him to change lives. The church plans to follow-up the seminar with a study on Genesis to invite people to continue growing in their love for their Creator.

Please take a moment right now to pray for continued blessings as the seminar wraps up on Saturday.

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Changed Lives – Couple Finds Truth at Adventist Prophecy Meetings

by Randy Maxwell, Pastor of the Renton Seventh-day Adventist Church

In early March of this year, Joe and Marilyn were watching TV when an advertisement for a “Revelation Speaks Peace” seminar caught their eye. The seminar was being held in Puyallup, Washington.

Marilyn, who had never heard of Voice of Prophecy or Shawn Boonstra, suggested to Joe that he invite their friend, Bruce, to go with him on opening night to see if it was worthwhile as Puyallup was a long way to drive with Seattle traffic congestion.

Joe went to the seminar and came back home that night very excited about what he heard. The couple attended as many nights as they could and learned from Pastor Boonstra how perfectly clear the Bible can be when allowed to speak for itself. “We learned about the Sabbath,” said Marilyn, “and the Holy Spirit spoke to our hearts that we had been attending church on the wrong day.”

Encouraged to find a Seventh-day Adventist Church in their area, they began a search and attended three Adventist churches—one of those was Renton SDA. “We had a checklist: Are the people friendly? Does the message line up with the Bible? Are they talking about prophecy and how it relates to what’s happening in the world today? Renton SDA checked every box on our list.”

On October 5, Renton pastor Randy Maxwell began a prophecy seminar entitled, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Prophecy.” The timing was perfect for Joe and Marilyn, who were having their new-found faith confirmed in Bible studies conducted by the Renton Bible Worker and at the meetings.

Each presentation was followed by a short health talk, a nutritious snack, and a question and answer period. “Pastor Randy Maxwell is a very gifted pastor and speaks directly from the Bible and makes it relevant to what is happening in the world today,” said Marilyn. “We met his wife Suzette and discovered that she and Pastor Randy have a true heart for people and the Word of God.”

Before the Boonstra meetings, they had been searching for truth two years! “We attended four different churches and none were teaching the full Bible like the Seventh-day Adventists!”

On October 28, Pastor Maxwell, accompanied by the Bible Worker, baptized the couple a week before the prophecy series concluded. “Joe and Marilyn are enthusiastic witnesses for Jesus,” says Maxwell. “They are excited about the truth and it was a thrill to baptize them into Christ and His remnant church,”

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Changed Lives – A Treasure Book at a Thrift Store

It all began for Larry one day when he went to a local Seattle Thrift Store. He was browsing the books when a particular one caught his attention. It was the book The Great Controversy. Larry opened and perused the pages and what he was reading got him so interested that he purchased the book. He was fascinated by the Bible prophecy content of the book as well as their precise fulfillment.

On the last week of September 2017, Larry received a Revelation: The Final Events Seminar handbill through the mail. He was excited to attend and even invited his wife, Vicky, to go with him. The first weekend of the seminar was held at a community hall in Seattle, not very far from where they live. From the very first presentation they attended, Larry and Vicky felt convicted that what they were learning was Bible-based. They decided to keep coming night after night.

Before the seminar venue was moved to the Greater Seattle Filipino American Seventh-day Adventist Church, Larry had a chat with the seminar presenter, Pastor Eddie General. He told the pastor how much he appreciated the seminar presentations. He also mentioned to him that the seminar presentation content was very similar with what he was learning from The Great Controversy.

Larry and Vicky came and attended presentation after presentation. During the message about the Seventh-day Sabbath and Baptism they both decided to follow Jesus all the way, embracing all the Bible teachings they were learning . They were even more delighted to learn that Ellen G. White who wrote the book they had been reading, was chosen by God to receive the spirit of prophecy gift to guide and bless God’s remnant church-the very same church they would be joining.

Larry and Vicky, with 7 more individuals, were baptized on November 25,2017. They are excited, not just to learn about the Bible teachings they now have, but also to share them with others as God provides the opportunities.

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Changed Lives – Relation Based Evangelism

by Steve Rogers, Pastor of the Weippe Seventh-day Adventist Church

My wife and I team taught a full message relation-based series in Weippe, Idaho. In a community of 400, we had a total of 7 visitors attend the meetings. 5 of the visitors have attended church and one of them (Shirley) has requested to join our church. Shirley is still struggling with an addiction and knows she needs to quit. We believe that she will have the victory and join in the new year.

Jack was a part of our pre-work. He requested Bible studies as a result of our mailing, but never attended the meetings. A church elder has since been giving him Bible studies and Jack attended church declaring that he believes in the Sabbath, PRAISE THE LORD! We look forward to what God will do in his life.

Tressa, Mollie and David are three other individuals that attended the meetings and have expressed interest in, or are taking, Bible studies. Tressa and David both came from personal invitations and Mollie from the mailing. There are also two other ladies who responded to the mailing and have taken the first lesson, of which follow-up is in progress. One of these ladies for sure would like to study, and the status of the other we will find out when we visit next.

Our follow-up goal is to continue working with these interests and to help them make decisions that will lead to Christ and to baptism. We are trying hard to grow our little church in Weippe, Idaho.

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Soul Winning – My Bucket List

Given 18 months to live, Bob Stuart decided to bring one person to church every month. Imagine how quickly the Adventist Church would grow if each of the church’s 20 million members brought in just one person a year. Read More

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Changed Lives – Future of Freedom

by Dave Crockett, Pastor of the Lewiston Seventh-day Adventist Church

Audrey was our first baptism, followed by 5 more and others planned for the future. Audrey’s journey to her baptism was a long one! She has been a member of many different churches here in our valley, but not finding what she really needed along the way. As a caregiver, a couple of years ago she began to take care of the mother of one of our church members. This meant that she had regular interactions with the woman’s family who are active here in the Lewiston Church.

The woman she was taking care of passed away, and her job ended. However she had seen something in the lady’s family that was different and she wanted to know more. One thing led to another, and she ended up in our church one Sabbath. Of course our church welcomed her (they’re very good at that!) and she came again the next week and the next, until it became a regular habit. Bible studies ensued, she came to the meetings and came under the conviction she needed to be re-baptized. We are praising the Lord for her decision and there’s more to come!

We are following up with a class on Sabbath mornings lead by our Bible Worker/Outreach Coordinator, Slavik. He is a tireless worker who loves Jesus and people! He did all the visiting along with his other duties during the series. Our plan to once again have a six month cycle of outreach is starting in September, and we look forward to more stories like Audrey’s!

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Changed Lives – Profound Meaning

by Sergei Kuzmin, Pastor of Russian-Ukrainian Seventh-day Adventist Church

Not a lot of Russian speaking people, who live around our Church area, know about the Revelation prophesies. At the same time our own youngsters have a limited knowledge about the last time events before The Second Coming of Jesus.

The Revelation Series we provided attracted some people from Baptist and Pentecostal Churches and became a first step for them to get go know the Biblical truth in the context of Revelation and Book of Daniel’s prophesies.

After the series, 7 young people were baptized. Vasily was one of them. He told his story about how Jesus revealed the Biblical truth to him. His life was not satisfying for him and he wanted to be better. He tried by using his own power, but all was in vain. He started to pray and to read the Bible, then suddenly he notice he was getting better and better, and it was happening not just by chance, but by the power of Jesus. He started to pray more and to read the Bible more and each day more good results were happening.

He said: “my heart was full of happiness because of the love Christ gave. I made the decision to live for Jesus. That decision really impacted me because before, I was somewhat selfish and made choices I regret. But I wasn’t baptized and was thinking that it was sufficient just to be a good Christian. But when I started to go to the “Unhidden Mysteries of Revelation” seminar, I was able to get to know the profound meaning of Revelation, especially the last time events which are going to come. I began to realize that we are living in the last days, and there is not much time to delay with baptism. After baptism Jesus helped me to make better choices and live my life for Him, not for me. I pray often to God and read my Bible more.”

His mother is not a Church member. She was attending the seminar along with her son. When she watched Vasily’s baptism, she was so thankful to the Lord, who gave wisdom to her son to make the decision to follow Jesus. They prayed and had serious conversations in their family. Vasily asked her about his decision, and all his family were very happy about it.

When I asked Vasily’s mother about what kind of impact she received after her son’s baptism she replied: “I am thinking over the decision to be baptized soon.”

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