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Why Not Try This? …Begin or Add Variety to Your Family Worship

The single most important factor in helping kids grow up loving Jesus and the Adventist church is Interesting Family Worship.

That is probably the most important and useful finding from the Valuegenesis study, conducted in 1989 of over 13,000 Adventist youth, their parents, pastors and teachers.

When I read a summary of the research about 1990 I told my wife “If we don’t do anything else right as parents, we’ve got to do this right. We have got to ask God to help us have regular and interesting family worship for our little kids.” Continue reading


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Why Not Try This? …Deal With A Church Discipline Issue That Needs Attention

“Pastor, we have a difficult situation.” The first elder and I were out making visits during my first few weeks in the district. “One of our church members brings different men home to go to bed with her and she has her passive husband sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. What do you think we should do?”

He obviously had my attention. I thought of the verse in 1 Corinthians 5:1 that says the church at Corinth had a case of sexual immorality that Continue reading


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Advent Movement- Roger Hernandez, Jerry Russell, Steve Wallace

  •  Roger Hernandez- to Hispanic Coordinator OR Conf in addition to Senior Pastor, Hillsboro Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church District (OR Conf)
  • CORRECTION- Jerry Russell (not Doug Hilliard) to WA Conf Treasurer from Kentucky- Tennessee Conf Associate Treasurer (not Treasurer). $20 goes to Shelley Schurch, Administrative Assistant in the WA Conf Education Department for being the first to notify us of the needed correction!

  • Steve Wallace– North Pacific Union Conference is no longer able to support Steve’s Revival Seminars ministry (If you would like more information contact the NPUC)

    • UPDATE 6/15/2009. For more information see the December 26, 2007 comment below. To read a copy of the Andrews Seminary Committee Response to Steve Wallace (dated December 26, 2006) click here.


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WHAT WORKS FOR ME… In Dealing with difficult church discipline situations

Dave Livermore, Senior Pastor, Kelso-Longview District (OR Conf)writes:

“Church discipline is a must. Accountability in every aspect of life is best, and being a Seventh-day Adventist Church member is no exception to that. I always ask myself before I jump in with both feet; “Why” am I willing to enter the tunnel of chaos and bring about church discipline? I am willing to bring discipline upon an individual if I can determine that the reason we are doing this is redemptive. I am convinced in my mind this is the best thing we can do, and if the discipline works as prayed for, we will save this person from further mistakes or foolish choices.

Let’s use for illustration sake someone is accused of adultery. I meet with the individual with my associate pastor or assistant pastor and we ask if there is any truth to what we have heard. They say “Yes, I’m in a relationship that is the most wonderful relationship I’ve ever had.” I will tell them that they are deceived. I will encourage them to stop the relationship immediately. If they are willing to do that, we don’t move any further towards discipline. Remember our goal is redemption not punishment. We are a church not a law office.

If they say they won’t change their relationship, I ask them to pray about it and we’ll meet again, I usually allow a specific amount of time to go by, let’s say two weeks. Then we meet again and I ask if they are willing to stop the relationship at this time. They say; “No, I’m not.” I then tell them that they have two options. 1. Resign their membership, right here, right now. 2. I will recommend to the church board that church discipline begin with the objective being redemptive. We must do what we can do to stop this behavior and hold the standard that the rest of us have agreed to live by.

I wish I could tell you that it always works out for everyone. But that’s not true, it’s an emotional drain on the Pastor, elders and board. It is something we enter into reluctantly, but it’s something we have to do. Our characters are maligned because of administering church discipline, but we can hold our heads high and look to Jesus if our reason for doing it was redemptive. At times it works with unbelievable results, marriages are restored, families reunited and joy returned. It’s those that choose to focus on and try to repeat.”

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