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Health & Temperance – Do Your Genes Make You Fat?

dna strand

Many people who are overweight or obese often blame it on their genes. In a meta-analysis of nearly 10,000 subjects, researchers from England found even those with genetic risk factors for obesity respond as well as anyone else to diet and exercise. This data strongly suggests that obesity-linked genes do not affect the ability to lose weight.

PositiveTip: Don’t blame your genes. While your genes may increase your risk of being fat, your choices of healthful lifestyle change make is possible to lose weight! Continue Reading…

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Health & Temperance – Diet and Cancer

Health food and Cancer fighting foods nutrition concept with a green boxing glove emerging out of an open broccoli vegetable as a health care metaphor for a healthy lifestyle diet rich in natural fruit and vegetables to attack tumors and fight illness.

The correlation of diet with cancer-risk was a central focus of the Adventist Health Study-1 conducted by Loma Linda University School of Public Health. Discover the impact of fruit, legumes, and meat on various cancers in this easy-to-read chart.

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Health & Temperance – Pastors, Your Physical Health Matters Too!

Wooden signpost with 4 arrows and words on them, blue sky in background.

Are you tired? Have you ever felt frustrated that you don’t seem to have the time to keep yourself healthy and build a healthy church at the same time. Pastors have a tendency to let their physical health go unchecked. Can you relate? You are so focused on your church, that you just don’t have time to exercise and it’s just easier to grab takeout than pack a lunch while you go visiting. If this is you, Rick Warren has a few suggestions for you. Pastors, Your Physical Health Matters Too! 

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Health & Temperance – Stress and Emotional Health

nedleySource: NAD Ministerial

Dr. Neil Nedley is the president of Weimar Institute and a full-time practicing physician in Internal Medicine, with emphasis in gastroenterology, mental health, lifestyle medicine, and the difficult-to- diagnose patient.

Dr. Nedley is the author of Proof Positive, Depression: The Way Out, and The Lost Art of Thinking. He is also the founder and author of the widely acclaimed Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. He has lectured and taught extensively around the globe on nutrition and lifestyle.

Dr. Nedley and his wife, Erica, have four sons: Joel, Allen, Nathan, and Justin. Watch Here as Dr. Nedley approaches the important topics of mental health and emotional intelligence.

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Health & Temperance – Tired All the Time: Adrenal Fatigue

Portrait of a man trying to sleep in his bed

By Lynell LaMountain
Source: NAD Ministerial

Have trouble falling asleep at bedtime? Feel tired or groggy in the morning? Fatigued? If so, you might be suffering from adrenal dysfunction (great, one more dysfunction to add to the list).

A Popular Theory

We learned a new term back in 1998 that has become increasingly popular: Adrenal Fatigue, introduced by Dr. James L. Wilson. In theory, people can experience low adrenal function when exposed to chronic stress.

A Grim Reality/Illusion
Proponents of this theory claim that when we subject ourselves to extreme, ongoing stress we overwork our adrenal glands to the point of exhaustion, eventually leading to adrenal fatigue.

They say people with adrenal fatigue feel exhausted, and crave caffeine and sugary snacks to boost energy levels. They feel trapped in a Continue Reading…

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Momentum – More to This Life

iStock_000060372274_MediumThe Kennewick Seventh-day Adventist Church conducted a unique 11-part series, “More To This Life.” The series invited any who were restless and looking for something more in their current living to come and discover an abundantly satisfying life option. The host for the series, Pastor Greg Carter presented three core components each meeting which promote vibrant living: Connected Community, Optimal Health, and Authentic Spirituality.

Each meeting community and health leaders shared opportunities for maximizing volunteerism and practical health principles which promote overall wellbeing. Community leaders from Habitat for Humanity, Tri-City Pregnancy Network, Tri-City Food Bank, Kennewick Police Department, The American Red Cross, Ignite Youth Mentoring are some of the groups who spoke. Each night visitors were invited to experience the quality of life increase which comes from being a connected part of their community.

Each session we were also joined by doctors and other health care professionals who shared practical tips for optimum health. Sleep Medicine Specialists, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Christian Counselors and Family Care Physicians, shared up-to-date suggestions for improving overall mental and physical health.

After the health and community spotlights, Pastor Greg shared a message of hope, encouragement and exploration from the Bible. Topics such as, “The Remedy for Restless Living”, “Excuse Me, Is Anyone Out There?”, “Human Suffering: God on Trial”, and “Echoes of Eternity: The Quest for Eternal Life”, were presented.

Add to this, good free food, and it is easy to see why the meetings left a lasting impression on all and were thoroughly enjoyed! The church plans on holding its “2nd Annual: More to This Life” in the Fall of 2016.

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Health & Temperance – LIVE IT

live itLIVE IT: The new online health show from Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) was just launched on January 1. The first episode was on “Nuts” (which is also available on YouTube where you can subscribe to the LLUH YouTube Channel). The next episode was posted on Friday, Jan. 8 and it is about Reusable Grocery Bags. Watch the show to learn how they can affect your health. Follow LLUH on Facebook and share their updates and videos. You can tell your friends it’s from the place where people live the longest in the nation. Read the study about Walnuts and Healthy Aging.

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Health & Temperance – 10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving on wooden vintage board with pumpkins and leaves

Source: Web MD

Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, so why not go ahead and splurge? Because gaining weight during the holiday season is a national pastime. Year after year, most of us pack on at least a pound (some gain more) during the holidays — and keep the extra weight permanently.

But Thanksgiving does not have to sabotage your weight, experts say. With a little know-how, you can satisfy your desire for traditional favorites and still enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving feast. After all, being stuffed is a good idea only if you are a turkey! Continue Reading…

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Health & Temperance – Don’t Be a Sloth

Don’t Be a Desk Sloth: 4 Steps to a Healthier Work Day” is the topic of one of the more recent Solutions Newsletters from Adventist Risk Management. Recently, topics such as bullying, child safety seats, preventing child sexual abuse, crosswalk safety, how to choose and protect property, and other topics important to people who care about their church, school or business have been addressed in Solutions. See and/or subscribe.

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Health & Temperance – Good Salt or Bad Salt

SONY DSCSodium is necessary for good health. It’s the primary electrolyte (mineral) in the fluid-part of the blood and around body cells. The body uses sodium to stay properly hydrated and to regulate plasma volume, nerve impulses, and muscle contraction. But too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and kidney disease. It even contributes to osteoporosis by preventing your body from absorbing calcium needed for strong bones. What’s a good balance? Read more online from Dr. Don Hall and Wellsource.

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