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Resources – The Mysterious Note

The Mysterious Note is about a family from Chicago who is caught up in a self-serving lifestyle. This film, produced by the NAD Stewardship Department and One Mustard Seed, seeks to teach parents and children what it means to be a good steward. The film will be available for churches to use Oct. 22-Feb. 22, 2019, as part of an evangelistic and/or fundraising campaign. READ MORE

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Resources – Planning Center Online

Planning Center Online is an online worship service platform that allows worship leaders, audio visual teams, song leaders, and pastors to coordinate the worship services they lead together. Read more


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Resources – How to Lead a Church Board

By Keith Bowman
Source: Adventist Learning Community

The purpose of this course is to help you transition your church board from committee to an effective ministry community focused on mission. By the end of this course you will understand the marks of community in your church board, know how to form a ministry description and group norms with them, know how to build community, trust, and teamwork, how to manage the agenda, and the meeting itself in a way that furthers vision and mission. You will identify competencies of a board chair, and learn how to chair a board meeting with greater success.

To learn more click Here

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Resources – Bible Prophecy Central

I recently spoke to Ken LeBrun, our pastor at the Kettle Falls Church in WA. He introduced me to Bible Prophecy Central, an internet resource that can help us publicize Adventist evangelistic meetings. Here is a 4-minute video explaining this new tool:

Basically it is an online database of Adventist evangelistic meetings that will be publicized across the country. We want to encourage all pastors, evangelists, and churches to post all their public meetings on this site so they will show up when people search for meetings in their area.

As you can readily see, the effectiveness of this tool depends on those meetings actually getting posted. And for the most part, that must be done by the pastor, the evangelist, or the local church.  I would like every pastor to be encouraged to sign up to post their meetings on this site.

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Resources – Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate

By Halvard B. Thomsen
Source: NAD Ministerial

Do you know what motivates your congregation to give to your church’s programs? If you are reluctant to talk about money with your congregation or individual members, do you know why? Do you know how to appeal for financial support for ministry in your Church? Do you know how to create a culture of giving within your congregation? Read More


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From Leader to Leader – Evangelism STILL works?

by César De León Ph.D LMFT, Ministerial Director for the North Pacific Union Conference

Just yesterday, the first annual Evange-Lead Conference, sponsored by the Oregon Conference and NPUC, concluded. It was very encouraging to fellowship with pastors, elders, deacons, chaplains, social workers and other Kingdom-building lay people that joined the engaging and stimulating dialogue regarding evangelism.

Dr. Roger Walter, Oregon Conference’s Outreach Director and lead pastor at the Adventist Community Church in Vancouver, Washington, in conjunction with the NPUC evangelism department created and hosted this conference with the hope that pastors, church leaders and lay people would come out to be part of the evangelism conversation. Dr. Walter has just published a compelling book, Evangelism Intelligence, that invites us, as the remnant movement, to be intelligent about how we continue to fulfill the mission and purpose of Christ’s remnant church. He shares, through his own personal ministry journey, how public evangelism has proven to be effective, especially when one integrates the reality that Adventist churches grow very differently from traditional evangelical churches. Dr. Walter has continued to budget generously for annual public evangelism through the years which has resulted in a consistent flow of new members joining his church family. Adventist Community Church in Vancouver, Washington, continues to be the fastest growing, non-Hispanic, church in the Oregon Conference. If you missed this year’s Evange-LEAD Conference, I highly recommend you read Evangelism Intelligence (2018, Flaming Arrow Publishers).

Attendees also got to hear Continue reading

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Resources – Social Media Guidelines

Social media represents a bold new frontier for mission and is a powerful communications tool. The purpose of this document is to provide resources and guidance regarding best practices for professional social media communication for all denominational entities and individuals in the NAD. CLICK HERE for a digital copy of the NAD’s social media guidelines.

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Resources – Did I Lose You?

by Hubert Cisneros
Source: NAD Ministerial

Pastors and elders are responsible for the people in their parish including the 70% of our youth and young adults who end up leaving. Did I lose you with that opening line? If not – keep reading. That is why Steve Case and I have written a book (training manual) to train youth leaders and leading youth. The name of the book is, A Place To Belong[1] and it comes out of personal experience.

Our church Sabbath School leader was a busy attorney by the name of Lloyd Summers. Lloyd also coached our Continue Reading…

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Resources – Favorite App Resources of Adventist Pastors

How many apps do you have on your phone? How do you find ones that aid in your ministry? Some pastors in Carolina Conference share the apps that they use to help make their ministry run smoother.  Watch the video here.

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Resources – Take Them a Meal and Meal Train

When your Deaconess team needs to coordinate a meal for those who are new moms, recovering from a surgery or injury, or preparing for a funeral – there are two great options for you to use to better organize your meal team, Take Them a Meal and  Meal Train are great organizational resources. Simply fill out the in-take form with dates and special dietary needs, email it to your team, and individuals can sign up for the meals they will cover. Take Them and Meal and Meal Train will even e-mail reminders to your volunteers! Organizing a meal through both resources is completely free!

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