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Momentum – Reaping at the Elma Church

The Elma Seventh-day Adventist Church moved forward with a reaping series presented by Pastor Ryan Whitehead. As the series grew closer, the members’ names in which they were praying for increased. In the small Elma church of about 15 attending there were over 80 names being prayed for on a consistent basis. When the series began, there were 8 individuals who consistently came throughout the meetings. 3 of these were family members of present members. 3 saw a flyer and came as a family. The other 2 were a couple who were attending infrequently, but during the meetings enjoyed a break from their children.

Throughout the series, these 8 individuals were joined by many others on different nights. The overall result of the meetings was an opportunity for church members to grow and be reaffirmed in their experience with God. Several were able to see their family members be convicted about what they heard and thus start to plug in consistently at church.

There was also the opportunity of community members to visit the church and several saw the truth of the Sabbath which they are now following.

The Elma church seeks to reach out to these individuals and encourage them to take a step of faith to follow what they have seen to be truth. This is happening through friendships and through continued invitation to future events.


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Soul Winning – My Bucket List

Given 18 months to live, Bob Stuart decided to bring one person to church every month. Imagine how quickly the Adventist Church would grow if each of the church’s 20 million members brought in just one person a year. Read More

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Momentum – Cycle of Evangelism

by Dave Crockett, Pastor of the Lewiston Seventh-day Adventist Church

With the arrival of our new Bible Worker, we started 6 month cycles of evangelism, starting in June and December of each year. We offered a Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program for members and the community and our Bible Worker began laymen training with Soul Winning Classes. We followed up on interests from Amazing Facts, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy, developing Bible studies. We offered a Setter Health, Better Life Seminar, which focused on natural remedies and heart healthy cooking. This was offered to the community, and we had a wonderful response.

We followed this with the Future of Freedom Seminar, focusing on the statement that Jesus made, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!” We used various prophecies from Daniel and Revelation to highlight truths that will set us free from the deceptions of satan. The format was a 45 minute lecture and then moving into discussion groups lead by our local elders. We started with 15 or so non-members, of these, 11 attended all the way through.

We are now in the middle of our 1 year plan:

  • We have a Prayer Ministry, with a director who functions year round. They sponsor prayer type of events throughout. The latest focus was Prayer walking, where those involved would place a door hanger on each door, with a note letting them know that their house was prayed for.
  • We presented the “Contagious Adventist” seminar in October/November of 2016 as a training event for our church family.
  • Our Bible worker lead out in a School of Evangelism, which was a training event for our lay members, This was done in December of 2016 and will be again in August of 2017.
  • In January of 2017, the Depression Recovery Seminar was offered to our community. At our fair booth about one third of those who filled out a Community Survey indicated that they would attend.
  • In March of 2017, we sponsored a Cooking Seminar, again about one third of respondents from the fair showed an interest.
  • Then from March 31—April30, we ran a locally presented Evangelistic Reaping series. Follow-up included ongoing Bible Studies and Oasis groups (these are lay led in-home groups, patterned after Lee Venden’s suggestion at the conclusion of his “All About Jesus” seminar)
  • September 1-3, we are sponsoring a Marriage Enrichment weekend for the community.
  • Then September 6—October 11 Parenting Classes, both a Marriage Enrichment and Parenting Classes were asked for by the community.
  • Then October 20— November 19 we will conduct a locally presented evangelistic Reaping series. Follow-up will include ongoing Bible Studies and Oasis groups (these are lay led in-home groups, patterned after Lee Venden’s suggestion at the conclusion of his “All About Jesus” seminar)
  • In December the Lewiston Church will again be producing our Christmas Cantata.
  • For the rest of December, we are going on vacation!!!

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Changed Lives – Future of Freedom

by Dave Crockett, Pastor of the Lewiston Seventh-day Adventist Church

Audrey was our first baptism, followed by 5 more and others planned for the future. Audrey’s journey to her baptism was a long one! She has been a member of many different churches here in our valley, but not finding what she really needed along the way. As a caregiver, a couple of years ago she began to take care of the mother of one of our church members. This meant that she had regular interactions with the woman’s family who are active here in the Lewiston Church.

The woman she was taking care of passed away, and her job ended. However she had seen something in the lady’s family that was different and she wanted to know more. One thing led to another, and she ended up in our church one Sabbath. Of course our church welcomed her (they’re very good at that!) and she came again the next week and the next, until it became a regular habit. Bible studies ensued, she came to the meetings and came under the conviction she needed to be re-baptized. We are praising the Lord for her decision and there’s more to come!

We are following up with a class on Sabbath mornings lead by our Bible Worker/Outreach Coordinator, Slavik. He is a tireless worker who loves Jesus and people! He did all the visiting along with his other duties during the series. Our plan to once again have a six month cycle of outreach is starting in September, and we look forward to more stories like Audrey’s!

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Momentum – Alive in Zillah

Pastor John Stafford presented a four week series of evangelistic meetings in the Zillah Seventh-day Adventist Church. Interest was awakened, a month before the meetings began, with a Dallas Holmes concert held at the local Zillah High School Concert Hall where 300 attended.

Fliers were delivered both by mail and by personal invitations door to door. Several people showed interest and at least 12 of them came to the meetings. A children’s program was provided downstairs so that the parents and adults could enjoy the messages uninterrupted.

At the beginning of each meeting there was a drawing of tickets where three winners could come down to the front and pick a free book. There was a good selection of books to choose from including children’s story books, cook books, and missionary story books. After each meeting, several ladies provided refreshments in the fellowship hall. That is when visitors and members were able to get acquainted.

Four decisions were made for baptism. They will be baptized soon after they finish their baptismal class. Each Sabbath following these meetings, there is a new beginners Sabbath School class, followed by the worship service where Pastor Stafford continues with the series to give a complete message. These meetings have helped the members to re-affirm their faith in the Christ centered Adventist doctrines of our Church.

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Changed Lives – Profound Meaning

by Sergei Kuzmin, Pastor of Russian-Ukrainian Seventh-day Adventist Church

Not a lot of Russian speaking people, who live around our Church area, know about the Revelation prophesies. At the same time our own youngsters have a limited knowledge about the last time events before The Second Coming of Jesus.

The Revelation Series we provided attracted some people from Baptist and Pentecostal Churches and became a first step for them to get go know the Biblical truth in the context of Revelation and Book of Daniel’s prophesies.

After the series, 7 young people were baptized. Vasily was one of them. He told his story about how Jesus revealed the Biblical truth to him. His life was not satisfying for him and he wanted to be better. He tried by using his own power, but all was in vain. He started to pray and to read the Bible, then suddenly he notice he was getting better and better, and it was happening not just by chance, but by the power of Jesus. He started to pray more and to read the Bible more and each day more good results were happening.

He said: “my heart was full of happiness because of the love Christ gave. I made the decision to live for Jesus. That decision really impacted me because before, I was somewhat selfish and made choices I regret. But I wasn’t baptized and was thinking that it was sufficient just to be a good Christian. But when I started to go to the “Unhidden Mysteries of Revelation” seminar, I was able to get to know the profound meaning of Revelation, especially the last time events which are going to come. I began to realize that we are living in the last days, and there is not much time to delay with baptism. After baptism Jesus helped me to make better choices and live my life for Him, not for me. I pray often to God and read my Bible more.”

His mother is not a Church member. She was attending the seminar along with her son. When she watched Vasily’s baptism, she was so thankful to the Lord, who gave wisdom to her son to make the decision to follow Jesus. They prayed and had serious conversations in their family. Vasily asked her about his decision, and all his family were very happy about it.

When I asked Vasily’s mother about what kind of impact she received after her son’s baptism she replied: “I am thinking over the decision to be baptized soon.”

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Soul Winning – World Membership Tops 20 Million

According to the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has surpassed 20 million members for the first time in its history. The Adventist Church had 20,008,779 members as of Dec. 31, 2016, a net increase of 882,332 people, or 4.6 percent, from the previous year. Continue Reading…

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Momentum – The Evil One Attacks, Blessings Still Abound

by Cristian Bobocea, Pastor of the Shelton Seventh-day Adventist Church

It’s been more than two years since we last had a public evangelistic series in our church.

We have two major ministries that we support, a school and a daycare, and for a rather small church membership, this is a large undertaking putting a strain on both human and financial resources. However, the church board members decided to step out in faith and invest in a Bible Prophecy seminar. And praise the Lord, He answers the prayers of the faithful ones! At the end of the meetings, five new members have been added to the church family!

Since the beginning, when thousands of the advertising brochures were sent in the mail boxes, one could perceive that the evil one doesn’t want this kind of thing to happen. Even though we contracted to cover the whole area in a mass mailing, not all neighborhoods in town received the pamphlet. It remains a mystery how and why this has happened, but we trust God that those who have been overlooked now, He will reach them later, in other ways.

Before the meetings started and all through the time they lasted, a group of faithful members had been praying. The Lord blessed their efforts with a good group of non-members consistently coming to the meetings. The Spirit filled Bible prophecies impressed their hearts and minds. Many had questions and were interested in knowing more. A couple of them are still coming to our church meetings, both on Sabbath and during the week.

The Bible prophecy series culminated with a beautiful baptism ceremony, on the last Sabbath. Four people that attended the meetings decided to renew their lives making a new covenant with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. A fifth person, previously baptized in an evangelical church, joined the Adventist church through profession of faith. Looking at the way He works in our lives, we praise the Lord for His never ending mercies and blessings that He pours upon His people who follow Him in faith!

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Changed Lives – Baptizing Joanne

by Kim Berg, Pastor of the Highline Seventh-day Adventist Church

The people that have attended the revelation seminars over the last several years have been searching for a deeper understanding of the Bible. They seem to be trying to understand their purpose in the grand scheme of things. They have not been satisfied with a superficial answer to the state of things apart from their involvement. They seem to sense that they are involved at a more personal level. Joanne was one of those people who came with a desire to see what it was all about and she wanted to know how she fit in.

She attended almost every night. She is a caregiver and was not always able to get to the meetings. She always let me know when she would not be able to come and she put in her order for the handouts and presentation notes for each night. She began studying with one of the members of the church. She would not move on to the next topic until she understood the current subject to her satisfaction. She didn’t accept anyone’s word for it. She wanted to see it for herself in the Bible. She was on a mission.

She continued to study for the next three months. There were times I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. The discussions at those studies could become quite animated when she struggled to put the meaning of the Bible texts in a language that made sense to her.

She persevered and one day came to me and said she would be ready to be baptized. She was sure it was time. I wasn’t sure how clearly she might understand. We sat down for what I thought would be the first of several meetings. In less than an hour, she clearly demonstrated that she understood what had been presented at the meetings and in the Bible studies. She comes to church every Sabbath and looks forward to fellowship and sharing her faith with others.

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Momentum – Evangelism Experience at STAF

by Benjamin Orian, Pastor of the  South Tacoma Adventist Fellowship

I’d like to share three testimonies from my recent meetings at STAF (S. Tacoma Adventist Fellowship):

1) The first is a response from a long-time Adventist and member of the STAF Church. Before the meetings ever began she told me she would come and support, but that these meetings were all the same. Half-way through the meetings she came back to me and told me how much she was enjoying the meetings and how much she was learning. She continued by telling me what a blessing it was to re-study Daniel and Revelation and that she looked forward to each presentation.

To me, this is a reminder of two things: first, the Bible is the “LIVING” Word of God. We can come to it over and over and it will teach us something new. We will never, in this life, exhaust our understanding of it. Secondly, it’s good for members to revisit the beauty of the prophecies. They show us Jesus and can re-kindle our passion for Him—as evidenced in this member’s life.

2) This is a story in progress, but it involves one of our visitors to the meetings: Peter came opening night and to each meeting of the opening weekend and seemed interested, But then, the second weekend of meetings, Peter wasn’t there. After he missed the second night of the second weekened of meetings, I reached out to him by phone but couldn’t get a hold of him. But then, the third night of the second weekend, he was back. He had been out camping with his Boy Scout Troop. He came back just as hungry as before. As I visited with him I found out he had been around to a number of churches looking for “TRUTH.” Most recently, he’s been attending a Mormon Church, As we talked, he asked me if I believed things happened by accident. I asked what he meant by that, and he said, “I believe I’m here for a reason, I believe God is answering my prayers and brought me to your studies.”

When I invited him to church, he was there, three weeks in a row, before missing a Sabbath. Peter is a work and prayer in progress. I am visiting with him and continuing to study with him. Though he isn’t yet ready for baptism, it is my prayer and belief he will be ready very soon.


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