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Momentum – The Goal

by Hipolito Morales, Pastor of the Canby Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church

It all started when the church board agreed to host an evangelistic campaign. The speaker would be the new district pastor, Hipolito Morales.

The Goal:
The church decided its goal would be 10 baptisms.

That same day preparations began with small groups. In these small groups, Bible studies, on the series The Faith of Jesus, began. Spiritual and social activities were also held. This way guests and member of the church could get to know one another. The whole experience was wonderful. This whole process took about two months. The evangelistic campaign lasted 15 days.

The Evangelistic Campaign:
We wanted to reach our goal and every night we had different guests come in through our doors. During the 15 days we had a total of 20 guests. Almost half of the guests did not miss a single day. Among them a family of seven, another family of four, a girl and a young man.

During the Campaign:
The topics during this evangelistic campaign were Christ centered, simple, practical, and to the point. At the end of every night, I would ask the guests if they understood everything they heard and the answer was always, yes.

Call to Christ:
A campaign without a call to accept Christ as your savior is not a campaign. I made a call for people to accept Christ to which 9 people accepted. 3 days before the end of the campaign 11 people stood up deciding to be baptized. It was a joy to see 10 people baptized. God blessed us with the number of people we had planned on reaching.

The honor and glory be to God. Now our responsibility is to include these new members in different church activities so their faith may grow and they may also share with others.

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Changed Lives – My Friend, Jesus

by Kim Berg, Pastor of the Highline Seventh-day Adventist Church

Evangelism is rewarding and is always a blessing to you and your members.  It can be a special blessing when God has prepared someone to respond to your invitation to follow Jesus.  Dave George was that someone.  Dave came to every meeting.  He was personable and enjoyed meeting people and getting to know them.  He listened attentively and always asked questions.  He wanted to know more about what the Bible had to say.  He is in his 50’s and has led an eventful life.  He will tell you that he travelled a crooked path and did not always make good decisions.  Throughout his life he was looking for meaning and acceptance.  At a particularly low time in his life he asked Jesus into his heart.  He began a serious journey to know Jesus better.  He received a flier in the mail and decided to come and see what ‘Hope in Bible Prophecy’ might mean for him.  He was encouraged and when he was invited to be baptized and become a member of a local group of believers, he said yes.  He wants to tell people about Jesus.  He wants to be part of a family of believers that wants to know and please God more and more.  Dave was baptized into the Highline SDA Church family.  He invited his friends and he can’t wait to make new friends and invite them too.  Dave is on a mission to tell the world about his friend, Jesus.  He wants to personally invite them to begin a journey to get to know the one that can make an eternal difference in their lives.

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Why Not Try This – Sabbath-to-Go

Source: NAD Ministerial

Sabbath may be the very best day of the week to shut the church doors and serve your community.  Here’s why. And how. Read More

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Momentum – The Emotionally Healthy Church

by Huascar Rodriguez, Pastor of the Yakima Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

The presentation of this series turned out to be impressive for the church and the friends who accompanied us.

In the Christian world, and especially in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, faith has become only an orthodoxy. Where rites, methods and institutions have replaced the experience of faith, the spontaneous expression of a life in Christ, witnessing and Biblical edification that comes as a result of the permanent presence of the Holy Spirit. They have been relegated to a Christianity of forms.

It is suppressed from the spiritual experience, the emotional experience leaving as a result a coldly reasoned theology that in the end does not move people to live the experience of conversion. The apostle Paul defines this process as dead in the letter. 2 Cor. 3:6

When talking about the emotionally healthy church, we reviewed six of the characteristics that an emotionally healthy church possess. These are:

  1. Look under the surface.
  2. Break with the power of the past.
  3. Live with a grieving and emotionally vulnerable attitude.
  4. Accept limitations as a gift.
  5. Accept our hurts and the losses.
  6. Make the incarnational your model for true love.

I do not present here an exposition of the presented topics, I only list them. If someone would like to know more about what each one is about, he can review the book: The Emotionally Healthy Church written by Peter Scazzero and Warren Bird.

The result was amazing to me as a presenter and speaker for our church.

We can see how our emotions and personal experiences affect our faith and impact, in a positive or negative way, the church’s environment.

Many of us, including myself, made the decision to evaluate our life’s processes and ask the Holy Spirit to help us heal and stabilize our emotions.

By contemplating the faith and the Christian life from a realistic perspective, some of the non-Adventist friends who visit the church could see a church with the ability to sincerely admit their shortcomings and initiate the process that will help them change. As a result, some confessed they wanted to be part of such a church.

It was a very enriching experience and I am happy to have taken on the challenge of speaking to the church in this series of sermons.

I made the personal commitment to seek an emotionally healthy Christian life.

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From Leader to Leader – Evangelism STILL works?

by César De León Ph.D LMFT, Ministerial Director for the North Pacific Union Conference

Just yesterday, the first annual Evange-Lead Conference, sponsored by the Oregon Conference and NPUC, concluded. It was very encouraging to fellowship with pastors, elders, deacons, chaplains, social workers and other Kingdom-building lay people that joined the engaging and stimulating dialogue regarding evangelism.

Dr. Roger Walter, Oregon Conference’s Outreach Director and lead pastor at the Adventist Community Church in Vancouver, Washington, in conjunction with the NPUC evangelism department created and hosted this conference with the hope that pastors, church leaders and lay people would come out to be part of the evangelism conversation. Dr. Walter has just published a compelling book, Evangelism Intelligence, that invites us, as the remnant movement, to be intelligent about how we continue to fulfill the mission and purpose of Christ’s remnant church. He shares, through his own personal ministry journey, how public evangelism has proven to be effective, especially when one integrates the reality that Adventist churches grow very differently from traditional evangelical churches. Dr. Walter has continued to budget generously for annual public evangelism through the years which has resulted in a consistent flow of new members joining his church family. Adventist Community Church in Vancouver, Washington, continues to be the fastest growing, non-Hispanic, church in the Oregon Conference. If you missed this year’s Evange-LEAD Conference, I highly recommend you read Evangelism Intelligence (2018, Flaming Arrow Publishers).

Attendees also got to hear Continue reading

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Momentum – Home Bible Studies

by Fredy Reinosa, Pastor of the Hood River Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our program started in January of this year . We did a week of prayer at the church from and at the end of the week, we made an appeal for people to open their homes to have home Bible studies and invite their friends to meet one day a week for 9 weeks . We had 6 people offer their homes and start Bible studies there. I meet with the leaders of the small groups every other Sunday for training and visit their homes to support and encourage them. Every Sabbath one of the 6 groups share during 10 minutes about how about their week Bible study and invite people to attend. After 9 weeks , we had 2 weeks of reaping and sowing events at the church.

During the weeks leading to the reaping and sowing (we reap from our meetings at the small groups and we sow new interest for continued growing in small groups) event at the church we had several visitors in the 6 different homes. I was leading a group on Wednesday (the elders lead the other groups) and I got to know Victor and his wife Aracely , they are new in the church. They have been in the Hood River Church less than 2 years. Last year they invited a couple (Emma and Alberto) to the church and they were baptized. They always invite friends to church and to the small groups. During the meetings they invited Alberto and Emma’s parents and they also decided to be baptized. We had a total of around 30 visitors and former members who are attending church now and also small groups.

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Changed Lives – Gospel Long-Term Project

by Sergey Kuzmin, Pastor of the Russian-Ukrainian Federal Way Seventh-day Adventist Church

The program was prepared as part of the gospel long-term project to introduce people to Biblical end-time prophecies. Three families who belonged to a Pentecostal church visited the program. Their personal study of the Bible led them to believe that it was necessary to examine more closely the question of the Sabbath as the fourth commandment. They were opened to the influence of The Holy Spirit studying the Bible. Getting to know more about Daniel and Revelation prophesies they became convinced that the Sabbath is the true day of worship to God. Currently, communication with them continues in order to open to them other truths of the Bible.

Conducting Bible study programs among Russian speaking people is difficult because most are affiliated with a particular denomination, mostly Baptist and Pentecostal Churches. Thus, it is necessary to consider this fact, that these people have already accepted Christ as their personal Savior, and do not need an additional call to give their lives to the Lord. But the fact that many of them are willing to go beyond that level of understanding of the Bible, which was lacking in the churches of the Baptists and the Pentecostals, opens opportunities to preach the truth for the present time. Our new visitors questioned the stand of the church on temperance and the gift of prophecy as well. We pray that our loving Lord will continue to lead our new friends to steadily increase their knowledge and understanding the Adventist beliefs.

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Global Missions – How the “Me” in Ministry Died

by Troy Wallace, Walla Walla Theology Student

Before I came on the NPUC Mission Trip to Guatemala, I had never really done anything specifically evangelistic, especially a reaping meeting. Honestly, I was a little cynical when it came to “traditional” evangelism. But I thought this would be a great experience to get outside of America and see how God is working in other places. When we all arrived, we got the royal treatment, something I did not expect. The Guatemala Mission welcomed us with a big ceremony to show their support and gratitude for our being in Guatemala. Every pastor was enthusiastic to see that they had preachers to help with the campaigns. It’s incredible to see the level of dedication that some of these pastors have. Some are pastoring more than 12 churches at a time, equipping the saints in each church to run on its own. This was so refreshing to see, and I’m convinced it’s more Biblical then our pastor-centered churches in America. As we were paired up with our translators, I met mine. Ginardo is a humble man, only three years into the faith. His English wasn’t great, but I know God used him to reach others despite the hiccups in some of the messages. A couple of lessons I learned working with Ginardo:

  • Experience isn’t necessary to do God’s work
  • The Holy Spirit is doing things so far beyond our ability
  • How people respond to spiritual things is not indicative of the effect of the preaching.
  • Sometimes the people changed the most through the preaching are the preacher and the translator.
  • The bond you build with your translator is special

I was surprised at how kind and generous everyone in Guatemala is. As we deployed to our churches to preach, families would welcome us into their homes and feed us. What is moving in these experiences is often the families are very poor and have little to give. One of the stories I heard from a new friend and pastor, Abner, was the kindness of one of his hosts. They fed him a full and equal plate of food as the father of the house he visited. As he finished up his delicious meal he noticed that the father had only eaten one quarter of his plate. He overheard the father silently call to his kids to finish the plate, because that was all the food they had. This type of generosity is uncommon and heart-melting. The people here really know what it means to be family. Yes there is brokenness, but the community is tight, especially within the churches. People actually love each other and share with one another. Continue reading

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Media & Adventist Benefits – That Christian Vlogger


My name is Justin Khoe and I’m a digital missionary, married to the love of my life, an avid weightlifter and producer of That Christian Vlogger — A weekly YouTube show.

My goal is to create a space on YouTube where people from around the world can come together, be inspired, and fall more in love with Jesus.

I travel the world, sharing my experiences of “faith in the first person.”


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Momentum – Back Home and Broken Chains

by Francisco Altamirano, Pastor of the Payette Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church

Something wonderful that happens when you do evangelism. You always see miracles. When we started our series of evangelism we knew it was an act of faith. That’s what evangelism basically is about. 300 invitations were distributed and we waited the first night to see how God was going to act. It was a blessing to see friends and guests, as well as members, attending the first night. Thank God because his Spirit knows how to move in each heart. That night we saw members who did not attend church anymore come back to the Father’s house.

We praise God for what he was doing from the beginning of the meetings. We also observed a whole family of non-Adventists who had also attended that first night. The nights passed and the decisive issues of doctrines were presented. We saw how God was working in the hearts. Little by little the ex-Adventists were also bringing their children to church, even on Saturdays, and we also saw them pay their tithes to the Lord. From the first time an appeal was made to be baptized, the first to raise their hand were the non-Adventists, showing their willingness to give themselves to Jesus and His church. In addition to them, a single mother who has been struggling with addictions also decided to be baptized. We heard that the Lord was brealcing chains. Thus, on the day of baptism, five precious souls joined the body of Jesus Christ. In addition to a couple of former Adventists back to the flock of Jesus Christ.

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