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What Works For Me In…Discount Orders

Purchase “Why I am a Sabbath-Keeping Christian” by Dan Jarrard at a discounted price. Only 80 cents each!

A long-time supporter of this ministry has been impressed of God’s Sweet Spirit to subsidize purchases of this book that are made for use in seminars, evangelistic meetings, and FREE material displays in church foyers.


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What Works For Me In…Year End Meeting Devotionals and Resourses

To listen to audio only versions of the devotional messages and view ministry resources/documents presented during the 2010 North American Division Year-end Meeting (November 4-8), please visit

Devotionals can be found on the main page of the web site under the title: 2010 Year-end Meeting devotionals.

Resources and documents shared by the various ministries can be found on the main page of the web site under the title: 2010 Year-end Meeting resources.


George Johnson Jr. —Director
Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America | Communication

12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904
(301) 680-6057
website: and


Check us out:

SONscreen Film Festival
April 7-9, 2011
Simi Valley, CA
Society of Adventist Communicators
October 20-22, 2011
Lombard, IL (Chicago)

Adventist Event Planners Association

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What Works For Me In…A Different Kind of Labor

“There is need of a different kind of labor in our churches from what they have had. Those ministers who are inclined merely to preach, and not to visit and put forth personal effort, need to break up this habit by working earnestly in families. Let families invite in their neighbors, and then let the minister hold Bible readings with them, and become acquainted with them. There needs to be less preaching and more pastoral work done in our churches. Those who have no aptitude for this kind of labor, should educate themselves, and come more into harmony with Christ’s manner of working. Habit is not formed by one act alone, but is the result of a succession of actions. God’s workers are called upon to vary their labor; they should surprise the people and happily disappoint them by doing work that will be instructive, and that will interest the mind. There should be fewer sermons, and more educating.” {HM, Nov. 1, 1890}

Why not “kill two birds with one stone” – doing a “different kind of labor,” reviving personal ministry and prayer meetings. How? By holding prayer meetings in member’s homes using the method John Wesley developed for “class meetings.”

Guidelines for Wesley-style Class Meetings: These questions are designed for class meetings – small groups of one or two families and/or up to 15 people. In such meetings every person present was addressed and responded. Class meetings were held in homes as well as in church buildings. Class members were encouraged to share their faith and bring others who weren’t members to class meetings.

  1. The first step is for Continue reading

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What Works For Me – Top Articles of the Last 12 Months

If you missed them you might want to read them now. Here are the top 5 most viewed stories in the What Works For Me category during the past year. Please add your additional comments at the end of any of these posts–

  1. What Works For Me In… Improving the Nominating Process
  2. What Works For Me in… Having a Useful Church Newsletter or e-newsletter
  3. What Works For Me In… Understanding How to Help Homosexuals & Their Families
  4. What Works For Me in… Finding Sources of Sermon Illustrations
  5. What Works For Me in… Saving Money on My Taxes  

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How To Get Into the Habit of Distributing Literature

  1. Store literature in one location in your house and car. Put it in a highly visible place like the countertop by the door you exit through, on a night stand, or in your car cup holder. Always take at least couple tracts with you wherever you go.
  2. Set a Goal- by passing out 3-4 tracts per day you’ll reach 100 a month.
  3. Practice self discipline- If you get inside a store and realize you forgot your GLOW, go back and get it real quick. If necessary, put a sign on your car door as a reminder to take literature with you.
  4. Find an accountability partner to help remind each other to GLOW!
  5. Pray during your devotional time for divine appointments. This not only helps you meet the right people at the right time with the right literature but it also helps get you into the mindset of incorporating it into your lifestyle.

What to say when handing literature to people

There are many things you can say when handing literature to people.
Here are a few phrases you can use:

  1. “Here’s something for you to read.”
  2. “Here’s something to read when you are bored.”
  3. “Hey-check this out!”
  4. “Here, this will help you with stress!
  5. “Here’s afree gift for you!”
  6. “Hey- do you like to read?”
  7. “Thanks, here’s something for you.”

“Let us put literature into every hand that will receive it.” PM 371.2
Conference Website-
Outreach Website-
Office Phone- 253-681-6027


GLOW Study Guide Continue reading

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What Works for Me In…Websites

As we share the gospel, we want to find every way possible to utilize the tools God has given us. Today many churches are effectively using their church websites to reach individuals who they might not otherwise ever contact. This new outreach tool has opened up new ways to touch people in our communities and around the world. We praise the Lord for this technology.

Realizing that their website opens up a way to reach their own communities, many churches are enhancing their online presence using printed literature. For example, some churches are:

  1. Offering a free booklet on request to any visitor to their website.
  2. Having a “drawing” to give-away a book or set of book once a month among all website visitors who enter.
  3. Offering a free book or booklet to any person who comes to the church service and identifies themselves as a website visitor.

These are just a few of the many creative ideas being used by local churches. Do you have ideas to share? We’re compiling a list to help churches take advantage of these new internet-driven witnessing opportunities when printed literature can make the online contact into a real touch. Add what you’ve done or have plans to do so that we can all do more to spread the gospel to those around us.

Thanks so much!

Dale Galusha
Pacific Press Publishing Association
What’s new at Pacific Press? Click here!

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What Works for Me In…Operation Reconnect

Mike Jones is a member of the Rockwood Seventh-day Adventist Church and a former pastor in the Oregon Conference. He has a brand new website that is designed to reach out to inactive and former members. Mike had his own journey away from the church. His fortunate return has come with a passion for those who have shared that experience but are out there waiting for an invitation to come home to Jesus. Mike’s site supplies inspirational ideas, resources, a blog, and YouTube testimonies that are powerful. He very recently published a new book entitled Help, Lord, I Blew It Again.

Check out the website at:

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What Worked For Me In… Pastoring For Church Growth

Jim Cress, who recently fell asleep in Jesus as General Conference Ministerial Director, shares some valuable principles for how he approached church growth as a pastor in this video clip.

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What Works For Me In… Understanding How To Help Homosexuals & Their Families

Gary Blanchard (, Associate Pastor, Wenatchee, WA Seventh-day Adventist District (Upper Columbia Conference) shares tremendous insights in this article–


Sometime ago a friend of mine sent me a clip from the comic T.V. series “Family Guy” where Peter the man of the house gets injected with the “gay gene.” To the amazement of his family and friends, his mannerisms, clothing styles and of course sexual orientation changed almost instantly. Eventually though his family can’t take it anymore and want their “straight” dad back. So his son and dog drug him and take him to “Straight Camp.” While there Peter learns from his Christian coach that “Jesus hates many people but none more than homosexuals.”

What is most disturbing about this quote, even though it comes from a comedy show, is that many actually believe it. But in Leviticus 18:22 the Bible says Continue reading

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What Works for Me In… Making Time For God as a Pastor

Bobby Moore, pastor of the Highline Seventh-day Adventist Church district (WA Conf) shares what works for him in making time for God as a pastor in a cover story “Making space for God: Contemplation as praxis” in Ministry Magazine, August 2009.

“Oftentimes pastors become so busy and enthralled in keeping their church or churches functional they seldom have or take time to commune with the Lord of the church. To spend time contemplating the Divine when things more measurable need to be done and should be done may seem inappropriate or an anachronism. In the light of the pastor’s busyness, they view contemplation of God as an extravagance that can be postponed for a more convenient season. (Read more)

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