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Why Not Try This? – Improve Your Church’s Welcome

Learn how you can make your Sabbath morning worship welcome time excellent, intentional, strategic, and short. Click on the article 9 Tips to Improve Your Church’s Welcome Segment to find out!


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Why Not Try This? – Making an Annual Church Calendar

by Seth Pierce, Pastor of the Puyallup Seventh-day Adventist Church
Source: NAD Ministerial

The Bible says, “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33). Too many churches approach ministry with a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mentality. Instead of carefully making plans for outreach and church life they coast along hoping something good will happen by accident, dumb luck, or God simply taking pity on their depressing lack of effort. I have found that it isn’t only local churches that struggle with this, but schools and occasionally conference departments too. A lack of planning creates an undercurrent of stress that saps energy and fun out of serving Jesus. While planning is hard work,  it prevents even harder work in the long run.

Several years ago, our church rented to a Methodist congregation and I was Continue Reading…

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Why Not Try This? – 3 Ways to Use Facebook for Evangelism

by Larry Witzel, Co-Founder & President of SermonView
Source: SermonView

The key to using your evangelism marketing budget effectively is deciding who you want to reach, then finding the best ways to reach where those people are. There are many ways to reach potential interests: Road signs and banners reach people as they drive by your church neighborhood. Direct mail reaches people in their homes. Your members can take invite cards wherever they go and invite the whole neighborhood.

But, in the modern world, there is one place where people spend a lot of their time. Facebook.

With nearly 2 billion active users, it’s the largest social network in the world, and by a huge margin. Two-thirds of Americans are active on Facebook, spending an average of 50 minutes per day on the platform.

If you want to reach people where they are, Facebook has to be part of your mix. Keep reading to learn the three ways to use Facebook as part of a multi-touch evangelism marketing campaign Continue Reading…

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Why Not Try This – 17 Tips for Better Church Meetings

17 Tips for Better Church Meetings – Meetings! I think I’ve met one person who lives for them. Everyone else complains and just muddles through on a prayer. They are an inevitable part of pastoral ministry. Here are some great tips to help improve the quality of those meetings so you’re not just muddling through them.

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Why Not Try This? – Just Say No

Source: NAD Ministerial

After 22 years in ministry I have noticed some patterns in myself and others. What I share today is the product of personal observation and experience. While it may not be the same for everyone, it is common enough to warrant a blog. Here are three things to consider: Continue Reading…

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Why Not Try This – Adventist Giving: Good, Bad or Indifferent?

by Source: NAD Ministerial

An article published in late 2016 in the New York Times had this somewhat alarming title, Donations to Religious Institutions Fall as Values Change.

For much of its history, the Adventist Church enjoyed the abundance of generosity from church members as they gave their tithes and offerings, perhaps out of habit, or parental example and persuasion, or simply belief in God and the church.  However, in recent years that has changed somewhat, almost paralleling what is happening in the rest of the religious world in North America.

Back in the “good old days” which we remember fondly, when a pastor could say to his congregation, “God said to give, so you must give,” or something in a similar vein, church members by and large gave without questioning.  That’s no longer true, and whenever it’s mentioned to pastors that generous giving has taken on different dimensions, they nod in solemn agreement.

Today members usually want to know what happens with their money, they expect to have a voice, they want reports, they want to know just what their money is used for, and if they don’t receive answers to their questions, they may well do one of three things—stop giving, lessen their giving and channel some of their funds elsewhere, or demand more attention as donors—and yes, that word, “donors” is not just relegated to secular causes.  The habits of giving by most church members and their expectations of information and recognition have become nearly parallel with those whom we have traditionally labeled “donors.”

Although religion is still the Continue Reading…

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Why Not Try This? – Inside the Mind of Hate-Filled Harry

In 26 years as a local pastor/administrator, Roger Hernandez has observed that antagonists follow a pattern with their attacks. He shares four approaches an antagonist may use to bring a church leader down. Hernandez says this won’t stop a person from being hurt, but “at least you can see the hate coming and prepare better.” Read More

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Why Not Try This? – 3 Words Every Leader Hates

Source: NAD Ministerial

There are three words every successful leader is destined to hear.

They represent the nameless, faceless opposition that can distract, depress or demoralize you if you’re not careful. And those three words are:

“People are saying.”

These words follow successful leaders because they are generally the result of movement and change. They are like a sniper’s bullet. Difficult to trace, but impossible to ignore.

To be clear, not all change is good change. That is something I address in my blog The First Thing Every Leader Should Do. The answer is nothing. Do nothing but listen and learn.  But after you’ve listened and learned it’s time to move. And when you move there will always be those who are reluctant to move with you or the program.

Unfortunately, few detractors these days seem interested in attaching their names to criticism, especially in the church. So they find ways to make their concerns known to a third party. The infamous “unnamed source.”

Recently I was Continue Reading…

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Why Not Try This? – How to Avoid Burnout in Ministry


According to a report that appeared in the New York Times (August 1, 2010), 45% of pastor’s either burnout and leave their ministry posts, or belong to a growing club of those who would like to quit but haven’t figured out yet how to do it.*

Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church some have suggested this number is as high as 35%.

Why is it so high? Until you have walked in a pastor’s shoes, you may not realize the complexity of their work or appreciate the fact that it never ends.

Years ago, Methodist pastor, Pierce Harris, said this of a pastor’s work:

“The modern preacher has to make as many visits as a country doctor, shake as many hands as a politician, prepare as many briefs as a lawyer, and see as many people as a specialist. He has to be as good an executive as the president of a university, as good a financier as a bank president; and in the midst of it all, he has to be so good a diplomat that he could umpire a baseball game between the Knights of Columbus and the Ku Klux Klan.”

Pastoral ministry can be a rewarding experience that continues to enrich and bless those who respond to the call.

I have been employed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church most of my adult life. I’ve served as a pastoral intern, associate pastor, lead pastor, high school chaplain, Bible teacher and resource developer. During this time I have seen the operations of the church at many levels and have been Continue Reading…

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Why Not Try This? – Boundaries for Pastors

by Everton A. Ennis

The same member keeps calling the pastor over and over for financial help to pay their utility bills, buy food, or pay the rent. Another member consistently calls late at night to express “concern” about the “wrong direction” he perceives the church to be going in. A member from another pastor’s church calls you to complain about her own pastor, your colleague. It has been brought to your attention by the church treasurer that one of your members is insisting on getting a tax receipt for a household appliance that he purchased for an elderly member, but you discover that he did not put the funds “into the church,” and instead purchased and delivered it himself without the knowledge or involvement of the church. Then there’s the couple who have several fights each week, call you up, and expect that you should be there to referee their “feature events” whenever called upon to do so. At what point do you say no?

Pastors are generally expected to be available, able, and willing to respond to every matter or request that comes their way all the time. Many pastors can testify to being harshly criticized by members for a delayed response to a member’s “crisis” or call, or for not being able to address a matter at all even after an otherwise stellar record of regular and consistent response in most situations. There are legitimate times when the pastor’s personal life situations may make him or her unable to deal with a member’s issues within the member’s time frame or not at all! There is a lot of stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed, because relatively few ministers have mastered the art and courage needed to say “no” even in situations where that decision is perfectly warranted.

I’ve heard fellow ministers (they tend to be from an earlier generation) say that we should be “all things to all people” like the Apostle Paul. Methinks there is some eisegesis going on here. Surely, Paul did not mean that any pastor is obligated to over-extend themself in order to “be all things” to anyone, and certainly not all the time. This is not physically possible or even practical. The translation of the mentioned text is not within the scope of this article. Suffice it to say, however, that pastoral ministry is made much more difficult and stressful owing to mistaken ideals and unrealistic expectations. It is permissible for the pastor to say no!

I had to learn to say no. “No” isn’t a favorite word with parishioners. It tends to elicit Continue Reading…

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