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Lifelong Learning – The ONE Project

The ONE Project Conference will be held Feb. 13 and 14, at the Westin Seattle Hotel. This event, sponsored by the Center for Youth Evangelism, will include youth and young adult leaders from around North America. The first-ever Church of Refuge summit will follow the ONE Project event on Feb. 15 at the same location.

Read more from the Center for Youth Evangelism website HERE. A short video HERE about why young adults leave the Christian church explains one important reason why the One Project Conference is long overdue within the Adventist Church.

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Media & Adventist Beliefs- 2010 Winter Olympics & Sabbath-keeping

Almost universally, Sports have grown into a god that has no interest in remembering the Sabbath day to keep it holy (Exodus 20:8-11). But God still has those who love Him enough to be faithful to Him, even if they might have to give up carrying the Olympic torch on Sabbath. And never underestimate the powerful witness parents have on their children when they are faithful in honoring the Lord on His Sabbath. This video clip tells the story of Rita Bryant. Faith honors God and God honors faith!

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What Works For Me In… Reaching Our Community

Pastor Alvaro Sauza of the Missoula, Montana Seventh-day Adventist Church District looks for every way possible to reach his community with the Adventist message.

Two key ingredients of everything he does are–

1. Young people– Last year Alvaro was impressed that many of the teenagers in his district should go on the 2009 Dominican Republic Mission Trip and preach a series of Bible meetings. Although it looked impossible financially he challenged the young people, their families and the church family to see if it could happen. As a result many young people and parents participated in the mission experience. (Read one teenager’s testimony).

When the local church school was forced to close because of financial challenges Alvaro appealed for only a temporary closure. As a result the school board continues to meet and the church continues to provide subsidy in anticipation of the school re-opening next year. And the school grounds are being used this fall for a giant maze, raising awareness of Seventh-day Adventists and their school in the community as well as money for three non-profits from the proceeds. Over a thousand are expected to participate in the maze.

2. Non-stop soul winning– The young people who went on the Domincan Republic Mission Trip this spring have just completed a ShareHim evangelistic series this fall, resulting in a number of good interests. A few weeks later Alvaro began another series of meetings for the interests so they would not lose their interest! This December there will be Bible instructor training for the members and in February and March 2010 the Missoula church will host the Momentum Reaping Meetings with Brian McMahon.

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Media & Adventist Benefits- “Schools of Brutality”

In 1903 Seventh-day Adventists were given this counsel.

“Some of the most popular amusements, such as football and boxing, have become schools of brutality. They are developing the same characteristics as did the games of ancient Rome. The love of domination, the pride in mere brute force, the reckless disregard of life, are exerting upon the youth a power to demoralize that is appalling.” {Education p. 210.3 from the chapter “Recreation“}

Now, over 100 years later, professional sports are huge business, dominating the thinking and media outlets of America and the world. Colleges and High Schools groom their students to try to make it into the big leagues. Even elementary students have become a part of a system that rarely anyone questions. This segment on 60 Minutes newsmagazine October 11, 2009, “A Blow the the Brain“,  is one of the few that asks if the system is good for kids.

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Alaska- North America’s Last Frontier Mission Field

Here is a great article by Judy Thomsen from the September 2009 issue of Adventist World magazine that highlights the challenges, possibilities and people in God’s work–

North America’s Last Frontier: All Alaska is a mission field; conditions on St. Lawrence Island present their own set of challenges.

Alaska is rich with unmistakable beauty. Majestic Mount McKinley; the dynamic, glaciated landscape and diverse wildlife of Denali National Park; miles of dense, lush forests and mountain ranges; hundreds of clear blue lakes and rivers; rich stores of natural resources; desolate tundra and windswept coastlines—it’s all there, and given intriguing names such as Yakutat, Knik, Skwentna, North Pole (a town), and 197½ Mile Creek. (Read more)

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H.K.W.H.T.A.- Russ Laughlin

“We step out of our comfort zone so they don’t have to.”

                                – Russ Laughlin, Youth Pastor, Keene, TX Seventh-day Adventist Church. Russ has developed a group of 200 volunteers who work in some aspect of youth ministry in the Keene area. To really connect with young people and minister to them he trains his volunteers to take the iniative to step out of their comfort zone so the young people they are trying to reach don’t have to step out of theirs. This is how Jesus approached ministry, and this is the approach Russ uses and trains his volunteers to use. He Knows What He’s Talking About (H.K.W.H.T.A.).

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More stories from the NPUC Missions website

More stories from Read about–

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Why Not Try This?… Schedule a Youth Baptismal Sabbath

We set dates for weddings, graduations, sporting events and special times with a loved one. So why not set one for youth baptisms? When we set a date for baptism we show that we realize it is an important step in walking with Jesus and we are more likely to give serious attention to preparing for this special event.

In the North Pacific Union, the first Sabbaths in May and December are “Youth Baptismal Sabbath.” (Alternate dates can be set locally.) Why have two baptismal dates in a year? By having two baptismal dates a year there will be many more who are baptized. When a person is baptized they usually think of friends they want to see make the same decision. If there is another baptism already scheduled within the next six months they are often more focused in their outreach efforts. At many baptismal services some watching make a decision for baptism and need to be invited to prepare to be baptized within the next six months or sooner. Some people are ripe for making a decision for baptism now that weren’t six months ago.

As a spiritual leader of young people you have an incredible privilege and responsibility. You can help the young people in your circle of influence catch a vision of what Jesus has planned for their lives and to invite them to take important steps in that direction. One word spoken, one invitation made, one personal testimony shared, one verse of God’s word read can be the turning point in an entire life. Continue reading

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Dominican Mission 2009- Great Stories Headlines

Read some of the great stories from the most recent NPUC mission trip.

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What Works for Me in… Preparing Young People for Baptism- Marcy Perry

Editor’s Note- Marcy Perry, an Earliteen Sabbath School Leader, Pathfinder Staff member, wife, mom, and member of the Meadow Glade Seventh-day Adventist Church (OR Conf) has helped prepare more than twenty young people for baptism in the past six weeks (that right, WEEKS!). How has a lay member done it? 

Four key factors- 

  1. God impressed her with the need
  2. Her pastor empowered her (He said “Go for it!”)
  3. Her church member friends helped her with three carefully planned retreat weekends at her home; one for Sixth Grade Girls, another for Seventh/Eighth Grade Boys, and the third for Sixth Grade Boys
  4. She drew on resources and inspiration from

At first she talked to the young people about having a baptismal class but school, homework, sports, field trips, music tours and other items kept conflicting with the plans. Most of these young people had been around Adventist beliefs for years but had just not been brought to a decision to unite with the Adventist movement. That’s when the idea for a retreat weekend was born.

At the first retreat fourteen girls signed up. Continue reading

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