“What works for me”- We’ll pay you for the best ideas

Each future issue of NPUC adventistpastors.com will include a section called “What works for me” on a specific topic. We want your best ideas and we’ll pay you $10-25 for each idea we include. Future topics will be… What works for me in…

  • Following up visitors to church
  • Finding Bible study interests
  • Involving members in ministry & service
  • Planning a preaching calendar
  • Having fun with my family
  • Helping new members become active in sharing their faith
  • Organizing my a weekly schedule
  • Involving SDA schools in the mission of the church
  • Interacting with non-SDA clergy to advance the cause of Christ
  • Setting proper boundaries with the opposite sex
  • Preparing couples for marriage & the wedding
  • Maximizing the spiritual impact of funerals
  • Helping members experience the joy & sacredness of the Sabbath
  • Leading members into regular personal Bibles study and time with God
  • Inviting people to make decisions for baptism and church membership
  • Strengthening families in the church
  • Increasing faithful financial stewardship
  • Preparing a Bible-based, Christ-centered, practical sermon

And more…

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