Ideas for 2005 Reaping Meetings

As you make plans with your church and/or school boards for soul winning and reaping, you might consider one of the following options:

1. Lay led meetings. Most churches have at least one person who is able and willing to have a small scale evangelistic series, using the DVD or other materials. More ideas at

2. Series by the pastor. Dust off those sermon notes and/or buy a PowerPoint series. As you preach you will remember again why this Adventist message is the most important one for the last days. Your Conference Ministerial Director can help you with resources.

3. Pastor teams. Washington Conference has had some good success with teaming up two pastors to hold a series of meetings, each taking turns preaching. For more information on this contact their Ministerial Director

4. Pastor exchange. Why not talk to a pastor friend and invite him to your district in the spring and you go to his district in the fall for meetings.

5. Satellite evangelism. Doug Batchelor will be holding a satellite series March 4-25, 2005. For more information go to

6. Those preaching in India in January or March should plan to hold a similar series back home around October 7-22, 2005.

7. Guest evangelist. The NPUC has three full time evangelists who are available for major reaping series. Their schedules are posted at,%2005,%2006.pdf?PHPSESSID=33dc468c58d1da62d7ed38e2bb8476bc . In addition, Amazing Facts has evangelists available for large and small churches. More information is at Contact your Conference Ministerial Director to arrange for a guest evangelist.

8. Evangelistic Week of Prayer. Most schools and some churches have Weeks of Prayer where people are invited to prepare for baptism and active participation in the Advent Movement. It is especially important to have weekly baptismal preparation classes ready to go at the conclusion of a week of prayer so the harvest is not lost.

9. Summer Field School of Evangelism. Do you feel like you need training and experience in soul winning? Talk to your conference leaders about participation in the Summer Field School of Evangelism this July-August led by NPUC evangelist team Jac & ‘dena Colon. Lay members who cover their own costs are welcome to participate as well. More information will be available soon.

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