Pastor Elwood Starr’s testimonial from India

This month (October 2004) twenty five teams are in India establishing Adventist work in 100 villages. Astoria, Oregon pastor Elwood Starr is there and e-mails this report:

“Our team of three from Astoria is having a rich experience in Guntar, India.  We have already seen over 700 baptisms in the first round of baptisms in the five villages we are serving.  Thursday a nearby village came and approached the local pastors to ask if they could join us.  They had been through all the preparation work over a year ago and then backed out at the last minute.  We decided to take them into the program.  We visited their village on Sabbath; about 80 or 90 came out to meet us.  They were begging for us to include them in baptism and for a church.  It struck me that instead of hearing about things like this in mission stories, we were experiencing a mission story first hand.  150 are planning on baptism in that village.  We will go there Tuesday for that.  The coordinating pastor believes we will have 1000 baptisms by this coming Friday.  PTL!  It is a grueling schedule; but if pastors want to see God at work in powerful ways India is certainly the place to come.  Blessings,  Elwood Starr”

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