Church Planters Summit at Glacier View Ranch, CO

October 20-21 a NPUC and Mid-America Union Church Planters Summit was held at Glacier View Ranch, CO, attended by about fifteen church planters and their families, about fifteen Conference and Union leaders from both unions and seven conferences, and Don Schneider, President of the North American Division. The purpose of the meeting was to address questions about past church planting decisions and philosophies and to look toward the future needs of church planting. I think it would be realistic to say that the first day there was noticeable tension and strongly held ideas. But the following morning many confessed wrong attitudes and expressed a desire for forgiveness from their brothers and sisters. Several times the analogy of sailing was used and at the final session Ritchie Brower, pastor and church planter in Spokane, summed it up for all of us. “By God’s grace we have “come about” and are heading in a new direction together.”

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