·         Interested in learning more about church planting? Here are several ways—

     o        Read what Ellen White says about “new churches,” “raise up churches” and “churches raised up” etc. by doing a search of her writings. You can do this or any other Ellen White search online by going to$fn=default.htm$vid=default

     o        Read Russell Burrill’s book Rekindling A Lost Passion available from the Adventist Book Center at o        Talk to a pastor or church leader who has planted a church. There are lots of them, otherwise we wouldn’t have thousands of planted churches in North Americao        Check out the website for the SEEDS conference at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI this summer June 22-27, 2005 Here it is:

     o        The Texas Conference has more churches and companies than any other conference in the NAD, yet they still keep planting more to reach more of the harvest. Look at their website at and click on departments-church planting. Or call Tom Evans, Texas Conference Church Planting Director, at 817-307-4026o        Ask your conference ministerial director for more resources for planting healthy churcheso        Give me a call sometime- Dan Serns 360-816-1430

·         A few Sabbaths ago I enjoyed worshipping with the Connection Seventh-day Adventist Church in Yakima, WA, a newly planted church. Pastor Geoff Patterson and team were in the midst of “40 Days of Community” with their congregation. Geoff shared the leaders’ vision for their ministry and appealed to the congregation to make prayerful financial commitments the following week. Blessings to you as you call for sacrifice and faithfulness from the members and as you focus on the mission God has called you to!

·         One of the challenges with a few church plants is a willingness to divert tithe. Some have claimed that this practice was followed and sanctioned by Ellen White. What was Ellen White’s counsel and practice? There is a very valuable discussion of this found in “Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905” pp. 389-397. You can view this and any of Ellen White’s published works on the internet by going to:$fn=default.htm$vid=default  and selecting the book and pages or doing a search by key words or groups of words.

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