SOUL WINNING— Quick Notes—

·         Great news from major, multi-district meetings  Anchorage, AK meetings with Leo Schreven have resulted in 70+ baptisms; Spokane, WA meetings with Jac & ‘dena Colon resulted in 30+ baptisms; Forest Grove, OR meetings with Jere Patzer & Ramon Canals resulted in 40+ baptisms. Many more interests are being followed up as new members are being integrated into the churches. What do all these meetings have in common? Many pastors & church members praying and working together to gather people to Jesus and the Adventist church. For an example of how pastors can network together for maximized soul winning ask Oregon Conference Ministerial Director

·         During 2004 all administrators & department directors in the Washington conference have held public reaping meetings. How did it go? Ask Washington Conference Ministerial Director

·         Now is the time to finalize soul winning plans for 2005 with church and school boards if this hasn’t been done yet. Where do you go to find resources, ideas, etc.? Contact your conference ministerial director.

·         What does it mean to properly prepare someone for baptism and membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Check out the baptismal vow and notes voted at the 2000 GC session at Toronto at

·         The NAD passed the one million member mark in September this year

·         I enjoyed having a Week of Prayer in November at the school where my daughter, Danesa, is in 6th grade. On Wednesday I asked the students who would like to prepare for baptism and twenty of the upper graders signed up for weekly baptismal classes with Meadow Glade Seventh-day Adventist Church Youth Pastor Aaron Payne. Praise the Lord!

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