Jere Patzer evangelistic meetings in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Immediately after completing evangelistic meetings Forest Grove, OR, our NPUC President headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil to do the same. Here are some of his reflections-

“Just a note to say “thank you” for your prayers while we were in South American Division (SAD).  We were blessed and the people were appreciative and gracious.  As you know it was uplinked in Portuguese live to Brazil and simultaneously from the taped Forest Grove meetings in Spanish to the rest of the SAD.  It is amazing!  They are not your typical mission field where we were.  High class professionals and yet they responded wonderfully.  We were also receiving emails from Seattle, NY, Orlando, Tokyo, Portugal etc. from the internet reception.  God is using media to find the difficult to reach, for sure.    

They are excited about finishing the work and it is in evidence.  They are growing between 10 and 15 % per year!  PTL!                Their publishing house is first class and huge.  And the media impact is phenomenal.  We were carried by 157 TV stations in Brazil alone.                So we were blessed and now glad to be home. (Probably won’t do back to back series on two continents again right away!)                Have a great holiday season!  Jere”

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