Urgent Appeal for March 2005 Missionaries to India

Do you know of anyone in your church district, including yourself, who might be able to go to India this March to preach a 15 night series of meetings? Each person going would need to cover their own expenses (airfare, lodging, meals, etc. is about $2000 to 2500, with airfare assistance for NPUC pastors through their conference) and ask their church or friends for $1500 to establish an Adventist church of 100+ in each village. For each $1500 donated another village can be added to the public meetings (e.g. $7500 means five villages attend the meetings and have a church established in each).

Gospel Outreach, a supporting ministry in College Place, WA, and the Southern Asia Division have placed Indian volunteer workers in sixty (60) villages in anticipation of us coming. We need short term missionaries for about forty-five of these villages. If interested contact your conference Global Missions coordinator or Annette.Koelsch@nw.npuc.org  at the Union office (360-816-1430) or Dan Serns at January pastors’ meetings.

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