January India teams reports

We currently have 55 people in India holding 16 series of meetings to establish 62 new Seventh-day Adventist Churches. Please pray for their health & stamina to hold up. Rick Westermeyer and family had a “suspicious” plastic bag of white powder confiscated from their luggage, so now they are having to go without their soymilk!

Judy Weber from the Tillamook, OR group e-mailed this report: …Scott [Gardner, MD] got to name another baby the other day – Esther.  In fact, many people are wanting new Christian names after they’ve been baptized.  So, he’s being challenged to come up with new names for these people.  Yesterday, both our groups had baptisms.  I was with Ralph [Neidigh] & Ginny [Gable] and one village had 43 baptisms.  Scott & Bekki [Gardner] & the girls [Lindsay Gardner & Shuree Arthur] had 78 or so. Our Pastor Moses wanted Ginny and I to be handing out the Bibles when they came up out of the water.  What a humbling and moving experience. Ginny caught the cutest picture of a little boy clutching a Bible – priceless.  Can’t wait to show it to our Sabbath School divisions back home.  …We visited a school where we were surrounded and shown around.  Ginny and I taught them “Deep & Wide”.  Kids just love that song.  When we leave, everyone seems so connected and runs after us waving and calling good-bye.  We hardly know these people and their sincerity just pulls at your heartstrings.  The evening meetings are continuing to go well.  Afterwards people come up for prayer or healing.  I had a girl want to be anointed last night.  That was a first for me.  Ginny had someone come to her with a 14 year old boy who was so very ill and appeared to be dying.  They wanted healing.  This is such an overwhelming feeling being here.  We feel so inadequate.  …Tonight’s meeting is Night No. 7, which marks the half-way spot for formal presentations.  The meetings end one week from tomorrow night with the full showing of the Jesus video.  We’ve been just showing a few minutes of it each time, and will show it in its entirety on the last night.…Had fun calling Matt at school last night when we got home at midnight.  He was in class and his students got to ask questions and interview me on the speaker phone.  That was fun.  … Judy Weber (on behalf of Tillamook India team)

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