The Value of having a ‘Mother Church’ when planting a new church

When new Adventist churches are planted in areas where Adventist work already exists there is great value in establishing a Mother church-Daughter church relationship.

Here are some of the benefits for both “Mother” and “Daughter”—

a)     “Mother” can provide prayer support for “Daughter’s” members, ministries and outreach.

b)     “Mother” is a great source of experienced leaders who can supplement “Daughter’s” work on a short term basis until new leaders are developed (e.g. Mother church board could search for two of its members to assist with “Daughter’s” children’s ministry for a six month period).

c)     “Mother” can help the Adventists in the area be aware of “Daughter’s” ministries and mission, reducing misunderstandings and helping avoid a sense of isolation from the larger Adventist community by the “Daughter” church.

d)     “Mother” usually has greater financial stability and is in a position to assist “Daughter” financially with special projects as needed during its infancy.

e)     “Mother” and “Daughter” can rejoice together in the fact that there are more Adventist points of contact with the community and more opportunities to reach lost people with God’s final message.

“Nothing will so arouse a self-sacrificing zeal and broaden and strengthen the character as to engage in work for others. Many professed Christians, in seeking church relationship, think only of themselves. They wish to enjoy church fellowship and pastoral care. They become members of large and prosperous churches, and are content to do little for others. In this way they are robbing themselves of the most precious blessings. Many would be greatly benefited by sacrificing their pleasant, ease-conducing associations. They need to go where their energies will be called out in Christian work, and they can learn to bear responsibilities.”–The Ministry of Healing, p. 151

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