T.K.W.T.T.A. – Rod & Donna Willey, Dentist & Church Planters

“Hi. I’m Rod & this is Donna. We’re recovering Laodiceans. We’ve discovered when people are willing to leave their comfort zone and step into something new, they set themselves up to see miracles.”

  Rod & Donna Willey, Dentist & Church Planters, who gave their first Bible study about twelve years ago to some of their dental office staff in Peoria, Illinois. Now, a little over a decade later, they have planted a church (http://www.tagnet.org/richlandbridge/home/leaders/index.shtml), bought an unused public school and turned it into a church building (accidentally saving more on taxes than what they paid for it!) and taken their congregation on a mission trip (with proceeds from their teeth whitening procedure). “If a former pastor had not challenged us to put God first, instead of business, we never would have had the adventures we’re having now!” They Know What They’re Talking About.


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