India- January teams are home, March teams are making final preparations

There are now 62 new church congregations in India that weren’t there two months ago, thanks to the 55 faithful missionaries who held 16 series of meetings as part of the NPUC initiative. If you would like to hear them tell their story, why not invite them to your church for a Sabbath morning or vespers program? Click on to see a list of many who went. You can click on any name to send an e-mail.

Our second wave to India leaves in two weeks. 28 people are preparing to conduct 9 series of meetings to establish 16 new Seventh-day Adventist Churches. For more information go to Indian Gospel Outreach workers have prepared the villages (plus others for future teams). Each person preaching in India is encouraged to preach a similar series back home within ten months. 

“Why go to dirty, hot, overpopulated, pagan India?”Here are some reflections by one of our January India missionaries—“To whom much is given, much is required….Go ye into all the world.” “All the world?–even to India?” “…ALL the world.” With this in mind I hesitantly, reluctantly, went to India. I had alot of preconceived notions about the place and the people–usually ideas of this nature are unfounded. This time they were all right on the money. India is poor, dirty, hot, over-populated, and pagan. Cows do roam freely, even in the cities, at least the smaller ones like Kammam. And goats, pigs and chickens too–and they sleep near the many people who have no other bed than a vacant doorway near the edge of the street. Sanitation for most people is often non-existent, as is soap, pure water, toilet paper, and shoes (and some of those were non-existent in our hotel!) Why had I come? “I could be home in my clean, comfortable, house with all its conveniences. This is too much sacrifice for me, Lord. This time I should have stayed behind and been a prayer warrior.” This was going to be the longest eighteen days of my life. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks–Jesus left HEAVEN to come to a place not unlike this, and He stayed alot longer than two weeks. He left heaven knowing things would never be the same (I have safely returned to my clean house–what’s a little one month old dust). He left knowing He would be unappreciated (we were met with warm smiles and oxcart rides through the villages). He knew he would be treated as an outcast to the point of torture and ultimate persecution (was I hot as we witnessed another baptism? An umbrella was raised above my head to shade it from the sun). He not only did it for me but for each and everyone of these precious souls in India. That perspective changed things alot for me and made my India experience a life-changing one.” – Sue Patzer (

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