New Church Update- “JoySpring Christian Church- A Seventh-day Adventist Ministry” Spokane, WA

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting with Pastor Ritchie Brower (, his wife Timi, and the recently planted “JoySpring Christian Church- A Seventh-day Adventist Ministry” in Spokane, WA (UC Conf.) ( They began meeting in May of 2003 and are currently a church company. I found the church easily because Ritchie had given me an invitation card with directions and a map. There were “quiet bags” for the children, a great Sabbath School discussion, a Book of Remembrance in the lobby with pictures and memories of the congregation’s shared experiences and God’s leading and a practical, Biblical message on relationships by both Ritchie & Timi. The church is participating in evangelistic meetings by Jack Pefley, so Ritchie gave the congregation the 3-1-1-1 challenge (if they attend at least 3 meetings the first week and one each of the other weeks they will receive a special reward). JoySpring is reaching out to the 125k people in their part of Spokane.

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