Visit with Freedom Road Church & leaders (Spokane, WA)

A few years ago a group of Seventh-day Adventists in the Spokane area decided to reach out to the community through a cell church model. Calling themselves Freedom Road Church (, and led by lay leader Greg Birchell and a leadership team, they have been conducting Friday evening worship services and mid-week cell group activities for some time. A few Friday nights ago I had the privilege of going with Jim Kilmer (UC Conf. church growth director) to visit the service. We enjoyed a very meaningful communion service with music, readings, drama, pictures, candlelight, and inspirational notes on the towels used for the foot washing, all providing a beautiful atmosphere and setting to reflect on what Jesus really did for us on the cross and the night before. After the service we met with several of the lay leaders and found them to be very supportive. They are committed to bringing people to Jesus and the Seventh-day Adventist message through a strong discipleship program. I encouraged them to request the Upper Columbia Conference to assign one of the area Adventist pastors to be their pastor/coach for the next six months to help facilitate them becoming an official organized church within the conference. I think this could strengthen and clarify their good work in the Spokane area.

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