Common Mistakes New Churches Should Guard Against

In my 27 years of involvement with church planting I have noticed seven common mistakes new churches should guard against. They are—

  1. Pastoral dependency; wanting their own pastor from the beginning
  2. Tithe diversion; not remitting tithe to the conference in a timely manner, or not recognizing the Biblical distinction between tithe and offerings
  3. Doctrinal disharmony; avoiding the unique message, identity or mission of Seventh-day Adventism
  4. Premature birth; core group does not yet have one or more of the following- unity, experienced church leaders, recognition of sacred things (marriage, tithe, Sabbath), outreach experience, commitment to worldwide mission & message of Seventh-day Adventist church, soul winning plan, spirit of cooperation with conference leadership
  5. Disconnection from SDA Education; not taking steps to be involved in the governance and/or financial support of the local SDA school(s)
  6. Isolation; Church and/or pastor does not connect regularly with other SDA activities and leaders in the area
  7. Lack of clarity on church organizational issues- e.g. how each of these issues is handled in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and why- membership, ordination, baptism, assignment of pastoral care, accountability of local leadership to the congregation, accountability of pastors to the constituency, etc.

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