100 New Churches and 11,000+ New Believers from NPUC India Harvest 2005

We have completed our “India Harvest 2005” initiative. Praise the Lord for what He has done. There are now 100 new congregations in 100 villages with 11,823 new Adventist believers because of 85 participants sharing at 24 meeting sites. Each new congregation has a volunteer Bible worker (many of them funded by Gospel Outreach of College Place, WA) committed to living with the people and guiding their spiritual growth during the next three years. There are plans to build a simple church building for each congregation as funds are available (most have already been paid for).


ü Our March team had 30 members (from all six NPUC conferences and beyond, including seven teenagers, three preteens, one 80 year old), with people from 43 villages being brought to eight preaching locations, resulting in 43 churches with 5,123 new Adventists. http://www.gleaneronline.org/news.html?wsnID=6605&cat=12


ü In addition, the Fjarli family of Medford, OR (in cooperation with Maranatha & Gospel Outreach) have organized almost a dozen mission trips to India during the last five years, resulting in 500+ new congregations and 100,000+ new believers.


ü The work in India has exploded during the last five years, with over ½ a million new believers joining the church. BUT… the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few… I’m convinced if we were able to send 100,000 preachers (lay & paid) to India with $7,000 in their pocket to pay for the evangelism, Bible workers & simple church building, we would have 10 million new Adventists before the end of the year.


ü If you would like to take a team to India or sponsor the evangelizing of one or more villages (there are 577,000 villages still needing the Adventist message!) contact Bob Robinson (robertr@sud-adventist.org) at the Southern Asia Division office. Groups from Renton, WA (Tim Madding tmadding@comcast.net) and Tillamook, OR (Scott Gardner bandsgardner@oregoncoast.com) are planning to go this November & Christmas break respectively.

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