H.K.W.H.T.A. — Cyril Miller

Cyril Miller, former president of the Chesapeake & Texas Conferences, Southwestern Union & NAD VP for Evangelism.

“With a strong soul winning program a conference can grow incrementally. But combined with a strong church planting program a conference can grow exponentially! When you have more congregations you have more points of contact with the public and the community and more opportunities to share faith. Ellen White says to take established members from established churches to be the nucleus for new churches.”

                                                                        — Cyril Miller

During his time as president of the Chesapeake Conf. the membership almost doubled. During his time as Texas Conf. president the Revelation Seminar plan was developed and 69 new churches were raised up in a seven year period (1977-84). He Knows What He’s Talking About.

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