The Advent Movement is Truly Global- Don Schneider

Check this out…“From the desk of Don C. Schneider… June 14, 2005”

1. There is one Seventh-day Adventist for every 468 people in the world. That ratio has dropped from one to every 669 in just the past 10 years.

2. During 2004, the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists surpassed 1 Million members. Membership is 1,006,317.

3. There are 5,679 churches and companies in the North American Division. World-wide there are 117,737.

4. World-wide, on an average, 2756 new Adventists are baptized daily, with 13 congregations formed in the same 24 hour period.

5. The North American Division Retirement Office sends out 15,150 checks each month. This includes monthly retirement checks and benefit checks.

6. Seventh-day Adventists run one of the largest Protestant educational infrastructures in the world. There are 6,569 elementary through college-level schools worldwide. In the North American Division there are 966, K-12 schools and 14 colleges and universities.

7. Adventist World Radio is broadcasting in 64 languages.

8. The largest union in the world (geographically) is in Russia. It covers 8 time zones.

9. The VOICE OF PROPHECY can be heard on 424 stations in the United States.IT IS WRITTEN is aired in 7000 major cities in the United States and in 700 major cities in Canada. It is also aired in 130 countries internationally.LifeTalk RADIO is airing on 65 stations. In 2004, LifeTalk had 1,736,000 visitors on its website. The “Every Eye” video has been viewed 10,400,000 times since it was first introduced.

10. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency helped 23,076,047 people in 122 countries in 2003.

11. There are 2,160 active student enrollments at Home Study International/Griggs University.

12. Adventists give to their church an average of 5 million dollars each day.

13. Projections are that within 5 years, the members of the North American Division will turn in over 1 billion dollars per year in tithe.

14. While there are fewer than 2,500 delegates who will discuss and vote at the 2005 General Conference Session, it is estimated that 60,000 people will visit the session.

15. The Southeastern California Conference is the largest conference is the North American Division with 64,526 members.

16. The Texas Conference had the largest number of baptisms in 2004; reported 1,568 baptisms and 470 Profession of Faith.

17. The library at Andrews University has the largest holdings of any library in the world on the subjects of: Sabbath, Second Advent, Creationism/Bible and Science, the book of Revelation, the book of Daniel, Millerites/William Miller.

18. Joel Klimkeweiz, an Adventist Marine, was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment for refusing to carry a gun is free! Attorney Mitch Tyner of the Office of General Counsel of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Dr. Richard Stenbakken of the Adventist Chaplaincy Ministry Office worked together on his behalf. In an interview, Joel stated that “the support of the church has been amazing, more than I could ever repay.”

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