Bolivia 2006 Plans Taking Shape

Interest is growing in the Bolivia 2006 Mission Trip organized by the NPUC. During the General Conference Session there was a meeting of leaders of the Adventist work in Bolivia and NPUC.

Here is a brief outline of dates and activities (all tentative)—

· Orientation of groups, Thursday, March 9, 2006· Mission Teams settle into hotel of host city (Three host cities- La Paz, Cochabomba & Santa Cruz will accommodate up to 50 teams of 3-4 people), Friday, March 10

· Local evangelistic meetings & outreach, Saturday night, March 11 through Friday night, March 17

· Satellite meetings from major Bolivian city will be down linked to each sight as local outreach continues, Saturday night, March 18 through Sabbath, March 25

· Large baptisms in each city, Sabbath afternoon, March 25

Stay tuned for more information after our pre-trip in late September 2005.

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