Southern Baptists Select Cleveland for Evangelism

The nation’s largest Protestant church, the 16.3 million-member Southern Baptist convention, has selected Cleveland, Ohio, as its strategic focus city in the United States for the years 2006 and 2007.

It is planning a two-year, approximately $2.5 million evangelistic effort to win souls in northeast Ohio. Volunteers will be pouring in from all over the country to help win converts and start new churches in an area that now has only one Southern Baptist church for every 43,000 people, compared with the national average, Southern Baptists say, of one of its churches for every 6,400 people.

In Canada, the same type of campaign will be conducted in Vancouver. The initiative, which has already taken place in Phoenix and Chicago and is now in New York, began in 2000 as an ambitious effort to expand the reach of the denomination from its historic base in the South to key metropolitan areas in the North and West.

                        —Religion News Service.

What might happen if each conference in the Northwest targeted a metro area in its field for special emphasis on soul winning and church planting?

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