WHAT WORKS FOR ME… In Planning a Preaching Calendar

Dave Livermore, Pastor, Kelso-Longview, WA Adventist Church (Oregon Conf).

“I take a calendar that contains the whole year that I am scheduling. I mark in all the holidays first, those days such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, our Church Anniversary Date, September 11th, etc, and of course the big ones, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Once those are marked down, then I plan series around those dates allowing one to two weeks in between the series. I find it helpful for myself to name the series before I’ve listed out the sermons.

I am currently in a series on the parables of Jesus, with summer vacations and Campmeeting our guest speakers are very happy to participate in the series too. In the Fall I am planning a series I’m calling “The Last Eye Witness.” I will be covering the epistles of John. A few series that I’ve found helpful in the past was a 12 week series on the Minor Prophets, called “Minor Prophets, Major Gripes.” A ten week series on the Ten Commandments. Doug has done a series on “Joshua” Biographical series are always interesting and many applications that can be drawn. Elijah, Moses, Samson, David are just a few that have been well received. I hope this is helpful.”

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