New Theology Professor at Walla Walla College

Carl Cosaert has accepted the invitation of Walla Walla College to teach in the School of Theology. He recently finished his doctorate in New Testament at The University of North Carolina.

While at UNC, Carl was invited to teach “Introduction to the New Testament” to over 300 students. His major professor usually used the last day of class each year to give his de-conversion experience, how he lost his faith from his study of theology with a hermeneutic of suspicion. Carl asked if he could use the last day of class to give his conversion experience instead, and was miraculously granted that privilege.

He says that getting a doctorate in a non-Adventist institution will either make or break your confidence in the Adventist message, and in his case he is more committed than ever to our message & mission.

He has a passion for leading students into the Bible to discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the truths we value as a movement. Carl has served as a pastor in the Kansas-Nebraska and Indiana Conferences.

If you would like to invite Carl to share his testimony and preach in your district or on your campus you can contact him through the WWC School of Theology office at (800) 541-8900 or (509) 527-2194.

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