Andrews Seminary Field School Nears Completion in Ridgefield, WA

Here are a few highlights—

1) The Meetings were sponsored by the new Whipple Creek Adventist Church (a merge of the former Ridge Dell & Hazel Dell Congregations of the OR Conf). They began at a neutral location and transferred to the new, still under construction, church building.

2) Many of the NPUC staff have assisted with the meetings. The new NPUC office building is under construction in Ridgefield, too.

3) On opening night NPUC evangelist Jac Colon introduced a New Orleans refugee, his own mother, who had to be evacuated and is being cared for by Jac’s wife, ‘dena, until she can return to New Orleans.

4) When Jac mentioned that they would be moving to a new location but he wasn’t sure where yet, one of the guests said he was chairman of the board of elders at the Lutheran Church and they would be happy to host the rest of the meetings.

5) One guest was in a serious car accident but still attends the meetings on crutches. She has requested an anointing service.

6) Each evening at 6pm the previous night’s message is shown on the screen. People come to this for various reasons- they missed the last night, they want to hear the message again, they are coming for the first time after being invited by someone who was at the meeting the night before to come hear what they missed, they prefer to come to an earlier meeting and get their young children in bed earlier. This also simplifies the process of helping people catch up on Bible truths they missed.

7) The meetings go through Sabbath, October 8th. Many new believers will be added to the church on that day.

8) If you would like to schedule Jac & ‘dena Colon for meetings in the future contact your conference evangelism coordinator.

9) Jac will be teaching several seminars on soul winning at our Northwest Adventist Leaders Convention (NWALC) in Portland September 2006.

10) The seminary students and visiting pastors who are participating, and their sponsoring conferences, are—a. Jeff Richards- Oregon Confb. Hector Rivera- Upper Columbia Confc. Eric Williams- Washington Confd. Andrew Nugent- Unsponsorede. Carlos Martinez- Unsponsoredf. Miguel A. Tirado- Unsponsoredg. Steve Allred- Northern California Confh. Andy VanArsdale- Georgia-Cumberland Confi. Donovan Kack- pastor in the Montana Conf

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