Bolivia Pre-trip Makes Preparations for March 11-25, 2006 Mission

In late September, several of us from the NPUC made a pre-trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to set up the mission trip next spring. We need as many as possible to go with us to win souls in Bolivia, the fastest growing area of the Adventist church in the South American Division.

Here are some of the items to know—

1) Needed- 50 teams to preach, teach and share; $12,000 for each church we build

2) Dates- March 11-25, with required orientation Thursday afternoon, March 9th. (The South American Division is the special focus during the second quarter of 2006, which begins the Sabbath after our return. What great timing for real live mission stories in our churches!)

3) Location- Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Semi-tropical climate.

4) Evangelistic Plan- Preach & teach (or translate) seven evenings the first week in 50 locations throughout the city; the second week continue your ministry in the community during the day and in the evening assist with a major evangelistic series in an arena in the city uplinked to the rest of the country.

5) Each person going needs to raise their own travel money (airfare, lodging & meals, local transportation) This should be under $2,000. NPUC pastors receive assistance with their airfare from their conference if given permission to go.

6) More information will be coming soon in bulletin inserts, Gleaner ad, and at our website


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