Church Planting Quick News Notes—

  1. Billings Heights Bi-lingual group (MT Conf) just brainstormed a list of over a dozen interests that might open their homes for an Amazing Facts Bible Class in preparation for baptism. For a planning outline see
  2. Ohana Christian Fellowship of Seventh-day Adventists (OR Conf) has begun Friday evening worship services in an unentered area of Portland called West Lynn. Check out their attractive website at
  3. Hayden, ID Seventh-day Adventist church (Upper Columbia Conf) was started seven years ago and is hosting evangelistic meetings with Eric Flickinger of Amazing Facts in anticipation of planting another church in Rathdrum, ID. Four hundred attended opening night!
  4. Wenatchee Abundant Life (Upper Columbia Conf) is conducting an evangelistic series by one of their members, Alex Hines. In preparation they went door-to-door and had thirty requests for Bible studies, which they began. They also had a health exhibit in the mall which resulted in five additional people coming to the meetings that very night!
  5. Oasis Adventist Church in Vancouver, WA (OR Conf) voted recently to relocate to a larger facility to better handle its growing ministry and to work actively toward moving from company to organized church status.
  6. “The Appearing was the first series of public meetings held in Seeley Lake, Montana by Seventh-day Adventists. One couple attended every night and was very enthusiastic. After the meeting the man asked us if we knew Mel Anderson. I mentioned that I knew him. The guest proceeded to tell us that he was hiking one day and met Mel on top of a mountain. They talked and found they both shared a strong faith in Jesus. They shared concerns for loved ones and prayed together. As they were departing, our guest asked for his new friend’s name, and he replied that he was Mel Anderson and that he was a Seventh-day Adventist. The guest then told us that he never would have been interested in coming to an Adventist meeting before, but now that he had met a true Seventh-day Adventist Christian, he was glad to come. “So let your light shine before men . . .” — Tom Glatts, Pastor, Kalispell Adventist Church

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