What’s your soul winning plan for 2006? Here’s a menu of ten ideas.

It’s still true- If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Every paid pastor (in the field, the office or the classroom) needs a simple written soul winning plan every year, showing how he/she plans to be involved in the greatest work on earth- brining people to Jesus and active participation in the Seventh-day Adventist message, mission & fellowship. Every church, school & institution also needs a simple written soul winning plan. Reaping is an essential part of this plan. What’s your plan? What is the plan for your churches, your school, your institution? Here are some reaping options you might consider as you prayerfully plan with your church and school boards—

  1. Satellite Reaping. Many churches were involved in The Appearing last September and are having weekly Bible studies in preparation for the Shawn Boonstra satellite meetings March 10-April 8, 2006. See http://www.iiw.org/events/.
  2. Pastor/Teacher. Preach your own series of meetings or teach a Revelation Seminar. Many pastors have preached a series or two every year of their ministry. Bill McClendon, pastor of the fastest growing English-speaking Seventh-day Adventist church in North America (Tulsa, OK) preaches at least five three-week evangelistic series in his church each year, in addition to lay evangelism and a guest evangelist. If you want to update your graphics check out It Is Written resources at http://www.iiw.org/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Store_Code=iiw_org&Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=dmg or other Adventist artwork at www.adventistart.org.
  3. Youth Preacher(s). Work with your youth leaders or academy Bible teachers to have young people preach a series of meetings. Pastor Skip Johnson (skipnlj@hotmail.com) (ID Conf) baptized ten this year from a youth-led evangelistic series that cost the church only $700!
  4. Lay Preacher. Recruit a lay person to preach a series of meetings. (See New Beginnings resources at http://www.iiw.org/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=iiw_org&Category_Code=nb)
  5. Lay Preacher Team. Involve a team of your elders & other church leaders in preaching a series. Pastor John Wesslen at the Orchard church (OR Conf) did this.
  6. Baptismal Class for Students. Organize a weekly baptismal class for young people that begins right after the school week of prayer. Aaron Payne (aaronpayne@integrity.com) at Meadow Glade Adventist School (OR Conf) has done this. Pastor Troy Fitzgerald at the Walla Walla College church (Upper Columbia Conf) has written baptismal manuals for three age levels that are great for this. (See ChristWise Discipleship Guides available from Advent Source at http://www.adventsource.org/books.aspx?lstart=20&lsize=5&cat=111)
  7. Guest Evangelist. Work with you conference ministerial director to invite one of our NPUC evangelists (schedule- http://leaders.npuc.org/home/npuc-evangelists-rotation-schedule/), an Amazing Facts evangelist http://www.amazingfacts.org/projects/bible_seminars.asp or another evangelist.
  8. Pastor/evangelist. Invite one of your pastor friends to come stay with you and preach a series of meetings in your district.
  9. Conference/Union office staff member. Invite a staff member from your conference or union office to hold a series of meetings in your district. Sometimes they alternate preaching with the local pastor. Last year most conference staff in both the Washington & Montana Conference held evangelistic series and/or Revelation Seminars.
  10. Walla Walla College Professor or Ministerial Student. Those near our college might invite one of the professors or a ministerial student to have a short series of reaping meetings in their district.

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