Church Planting- Lessons from how they do it in Bolivia

While setting up our Bolivia mission project for next March we visited with the church leaders from the Bolivia Union and the East Bolivia Conference. Our efforts will focus on the city of Santa Cruz, population 1,200,000. There are about fifty congregations in the city, ranging in size from twenty to six hundred fifty members. These are overseen by seven district pastors. About two thirds of the congregations in this city have church buildings.

If a congregation has its own building it is encouraged to start new Adventist work in a nearby neighborhood by…

1) Identifying the neighborhood,

2) Members starting Bible studies in the target neighborhood,

3) Holding a lay or pastoral evangelistic series there each year, and

4) When there is enough interest and membership there sending ten to fifteen families there to start a new congregation.

They keep preaching, baptizing and planting. Sounds like the gospel commission to me (Matthew 28:18-20).

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