Adventist Work in Greece Grows Through Small Groups

The Adventist work in Greece has grown very slowly through the years. Carefully focused small groups seem to be a key to reaching more people for Jesus, and for preparing the way for public evangelism and church planting.

“Eight years after a small-group ministry was started by Apostolos Maglis, president of the Adventist Church in Greece, and Peter Roennfeldt, Trans-European Division (TED) ministerial director, remarkable results are being seen. Membership and tithe have grown significantly, and church leaders in that division attribute 90 percent of this growth to small-group ministries. “In this modern age, friendship evangelism and small-group ministries are the way forward,” says TED personal ministries director Paul Clee. “They make more friends and contacts for the Lord than most other methods. As a small group meets and fellowships together, then opens the Bible for study, a deeper spirituality grows among the members of that group, and from them to the ‘mother’ church.” “We have fostered a system where a small group becomes the basis of a new church plant,” says Roennfeldt. “Some are heavily involved in social work in their communities-health seminars, marriage enrichment programs, support for friends and neighbors-as well as Bible studies. A number of the new small groups have now grown into churches.” Posted February 24, 2005 AR Adventist News Review/AR.

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