National Geographic Interviews Doug Batchelor for special on Book of Revelation.

On February 11, a film crew from the National Geographic Media Department arrived at Sacramento Central Church to record Sabbath services and to interview with Pastor Doug Batchelor regarding the book of Revelation. Their purpose is to discover why a book written so long ago is still considered relevant today. Pastor Doug was brought to the crew’s attention by the tremendous amount of internet traffic directing them to the Amazing Facts website regarding the prophecies of Revelation. The Associate Director said that Pastor Doug, who has been teaching on Revelation for more than 25 years, was selected because of his “wide appeal and hopeful way of communicating,” as well as his “reassuring and inspiring manner of speaking.” The interviewer had done his homework, asking hard-hitting, in-depth questions on the rapture, the tribulation, the antichrist, the lake of fire, the battle of Armageddon, and the various apocalyptic symbols throughout Revelation. Pastor Doug says that he “truly sensed the prayers of God’s people” as he answered the broad spectrum of questions, all without his Bible because they did not want him reading his answers while on camera.

After the interview, the director confided that the answers Pastor Doug had given made more sense to him than anything else he had heard so far! The producers also plan to get the perspectives of other religious leaders from around the world representing the Vatican, Oral Roberts University, and the School of Prophecy at Liberty University. The film crew has already made a first trip to Rome and interviewed Cardinal James Francis Stafford at the Vatican asking very pointed questions.

The title for the 60-minute documentary is “The Riddle of Revelation,” though that may change by the time it is broadcast on the international National Geographic channel. An exact broadcast date is not yet known; however, it is expected to air approximately at the end of April 2006. Pastor Doug adds, “Please pray that as the editing process takes place, the final product will bring glory to God and help people recognize the truth.”


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