Northwest Adventist Leaders Convention (NWALC) Update- We Need Transformation Stories

One of the greatest boosts to ministry is seeing God transform lives—

  • Conversion stories
  • Testimonies of members who found their ministry and decided to “go for it”
  • Members who preached their first evangelistic series
  • Young people who decided to be bold for God and His church
  • Someone who shared their faith and saw someone else converted through their witness
  • Someone who returned from a mission trip as a new person and began to focus their love for Jesus on their own community
  • A member who began a Bible study group in his home or a friend’s home
  • Someone who started having personal time with God and saw it change their attitudes, their home, their work, etc.

You get the idea. We want to capture as many of these stories on video as possible to be shared at the Leaders’ Convention in Portland this September, and then in our churches through the Northwest Spotlight on Mission.This is where we need your help. Who have you seen in your ministry during the past year or two or three who has been transformed by God? Could you please ask them if we can tell their story, and if so, could you send us their contact information? These don’t have to be huge stories, just stories of how our huge God worked in ordinary people’s lives to prepare them and/or others for His return. Please think about this and e-mail us with names, contact information and a short paragraph describing the transformation. We would like to collect these names by March 20th or before. Please e-mail the information to We will sift through the stories and share all we have time for, possibly using some of the stories in other situations as well. God is at work. We would love to hear about it! Thanks.

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