WHAT WORKS FOR ME… In Interacting with non-SDA clergy to advance the cause of Christ

Matthew Gamble, Teaching Pastor/Life Coach, 24-SEVEN Ministry Center, Greater Seattle Metro area (WA Conf) writes: 

a) It seems that every time I tell someone, a non-SDA that I am a Seventh-day Adventist, it is immediately assumed that I am affiliated with the Mormons (LDS) or the Jehovah Witness (JW’s).  I am not sure exactly where this perspective comes from but it is quite frustrating.  I find that the majority of non-SDA’s tend to have more of a negative outlook about our church, than a positive one.  As a result I am hoping to be a part of the solution of providing a more positive perspective of our church.   Just this morning (as I do every Monday morning) I met for a Bible study and accountability with four other men.  All of us attend various churches in the Seattle area and none of us are from the same denomination.  The gentlemen that invited me to be a part of this men’s Bible study is a pastor himself.  I have found countless times that I have been able to interject a perspective about the passage we were studying that they have never heard before.  Through our time together, each one of them has grown found of the SDA Church.   

Other ways that I have found helpful to interact with non-SDA clergy:

·         I am attending a non-SDA seminary, working on my Doctorate of Ministry. 

·         I attend a bi-monthly inter-denominational organization called CCDR (Coalition for Community Development and Renewal) for prayer and fellowship.

·         I attend a quarterly training seminar taught by Pastor Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church (the fastest growing church in the city).   There are so many ways to interact with non-SDA clergy.  As an outsider coming into this denomination, it is baffling to me why so often we separate ourselves from other denominations.  Thank God that Jesus (who I assume is part of the remnant) didn’t see Himself as being unable to mingle with people from other faiths.    

Matthew GambleTeaching Pastor | Life Coach24-SEVEN Ministry Center

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