More Ten Commandments Day Outreach Opportunities

Sunday, May 7, 2006 has been designated “Ten Commandments Sunday” by a group of prominent Christian leaders and religious broadcasters. They say they hope to provide a platform of support for the Decalogue, as well as remind America of her moral heritage, through the celebration. They feel court rulings in recent years that have eroded the Decalogue’s place in American society. Last month we shared three ideas of how to use this event to present God’s truths. Here a few more tools.

1) Great media flash about Ten Commandments. Click on this link- -and you’ll see a great media flash covering each of the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20, the promise in Hebrews 10 that God will write His laws in our minds and links to short Bible studies on each. This is well worth sending to your entire e-mail list and encouraging your members to do the same.

2) Additional Book- The Ten Commandments Under Attack. Twelve prominent Adventist evangelists, including Doug Batchelor, Dwight Nelson, Lonnie Melashenko, Ty Gibson, Shelley Quinn, and Mike Tucker, have joined together with Pacific Press to publish The Ten Commandments Under Attack, a small, inexpensive book to share with non-Adventists (80-pages, pocket-sized, includes an offer for free Bible study guides). Pricing starts at $1.99 for individual copies and goes as low as $.79 each when ordering quantities of 500 or more. To place an order, call toll-free at (800) 765-6955 or order online at

3) Official Church Statement regarding The Ten Commandments. Available at or from our NPUC Religious Liberty Director.

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