“Building Soul Winning Momentum” in the NPUC

There are about 13 million people in the northwest and about 90,000 Seventh-day Adventists, or 1 Adventist for every 144 people. How long would it take to give every person in the northwest a chance to know Jesus, hear the Adventist message and join a vibrant Adventist group?

This is what Conference and NPUC leaders were discussing a few weeks ago. They adopted a plan, called “Building Soul Winning Momentum” which challenges every church, school and institution to be involved in two harvest cycles a year for the next five years, beginning in 2007. Not just another program, it is an attitude toward the Gospel Commission and toward the role of the church and the importance of being involved continually in some aspect of the harvest. It involves a plan to reach the ten largest cities, to provide soul winning tools for youth and laymen, and local and satellite reaping resources. You can expect to hear more and more about this exciting opportunity to take the Adventist message to everyone in this generation.

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