Why Not Try This? …Eat lunch with your wife

 I imagine most pastors’ wives work outside the home. My wife teaches math at a local high school. A few months ago I realized that both of us were becoming busier and busier trying to keep up with our own lives and the lives of our two children that are still at home. One evening I asked my wife if I could come to her classroom during her lunch break and we could eat together. “Why?” she asked. That’s when I realized it had been far too long since we had just gotten together for lunch just for fun. “Just because I want to see you and eat with you.” “At school? I guess it would have to be since my break is too short to go anywhere else.” 

          The next day I drove to the school and carefully threaded my way through the crowded parking lot till I found a parking space. Lois and I sat together in her empty classroom while she ate her sandwich and I ate my chunks of cantaloupe plus cashews, the only thing I could find at home at the last minute. My wife told me about having to send two students to room 501 (supervised detention) and why and then she filled out her attendance records for the day with an online program that showed the students pictures for each class. When we finished eating and talking we walked down the hallway together. Students were smiling, with some looking into my empty cantaloupe bowl, reminding me that teenagers seem to always be hungry.

          It was great to enter into my wife’s world for that lunch, and we have made it a more common practice to get together for lunch. On nice days we sit outside and soak up the sunshine. I’ve found that this is a simple way to enjoy each other’s company during the hectic pace of life. It gives me a chance to put into practice the counsel Ellen White gave to Elder A. T. Jones—“Treat your wife tenderly. She needs all the care and comfort and encouragement that you promised in your marriage vow to give her. Do not give her the slightest occasion to question your loyalty or your sincere desire to fulfil your obligations.–Letter 164, 1902, pp. 8, 9. (To Elder A. T. Jones, September, 1902.) {6MR 47.1}

          If you haven’t done it for awhile why not get together with your wife this week for lunch?


Blessings to you,

Dan Serns

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