Outstanding New Missions Resource free for Local Churches

Have you seen it yet? Adventist Mission has begun to release a free quarterly resource sent directly to every church in North America to help strengthen local congregations and their focus on mission. Video segments on each Adventist Mission DVD come in three lengths.

  • 10 minutes—ideal for showing in Sabbath School, church, vespers, or prayer meeting or during a “Local & Global Mission” time between Sabbath School and Worship
  • 5 minutes—for programs where there is less time available
  • 1 to 2 minutes—ideal for announcement time between Sabbath School and church or for a brief focus on mission during the worship service. These segments are not heavily promotional and are designed to make members proud of what their church is doing throughout the world.

The Adventist Mission DVD stories are up-to-date accounts of Adventists committed to “Tell the World” about Jesus. Church members will witness life-changing stories of people around the world, and will report on remaining mission challenges as well as growth. While the DVD will include some video stories from the division receiving a portion of the 13th Sabbath offering, several will feature general mission stories from other world fields.

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