Smoking or helping a child? The blessings & joys of church planting

“My marriage had fallen apart and my life was a mess. My friend told me I needed to go with her to The Adventure, a new Adventist church in the Boise area. When I went I found lots of love. There were a group of ladies that were willing to pray for me to be able to stop smoking. A few days later I had a picture come to my mind of a giant wall standing in my way with cables holding it in place. But then the cables snapped and the wall fell. I knew it had something to do with God’s power to help me stop smoking.

Not long after that, I was driving down the highway smoking and listening to the Christian radio station when they made an appeal to help poor children in a third-world country. I said, ‘I’d like to do that but I don’t have the money.’ All of a sudden the Holy Spirit made it clear to me that if I stopped smoking I would have enough money to help a child. I told Brian Yeager, the pastor at my new church. He asked who would stand in prayer for me that week to stop smoking. Half the people stood. And now, I’m tobacco free and a little child overseas is getting the help they need. I thank God and my new church family.”

From a testimony shared at the Idaho Campmeeting in June.

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