Da Vinci Code response resources & ideas

With 60 million copies in print and $224 million in box office sales from its opening weekend, The Da Vinci Code has become a cultural phenomenon-a phenomenon that concerns many Christians due to scriptural and historical inaccuracies in the book. While the book is sold as a novel, it so skillfully blurs the line between fact and fiction that it’s strange theories can actually appear to some to be true. Here are several great resources for reaping, sowing and cultivating the interest and discussion-

  • The Da Vinci Decode– An outstanding series of free Adventist-produced PowerPoint presentations and notes available on the web at www.thedavincidecode.net. I’m planning to use some of this material for my reaping meetings in the Vancouver, WA area this September.
  • The Da Vinci Code- Unveiling the Conspiracy, an eight page booklet by Shawn Boonstra available at the Adventist Book Center. We’re going to give these out at the end of my message “What The Da Vinci Code Doesn’t Tell You About Mary Magdalene & Jesus.”
  • Two years before The Da Vinci Code book was released, God impressed Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts to spend countless hours researching and writing a book that sets the record straight about Mary Magdalene and her pure relationship with Jesus. The Truth About Mary Magdalene: What The Da Vinci Code Won’t Tell You is an excellent witnessing tool, also available from the ABC or www.remnantpublications.com. We plan to offer this book to anyone who attends five nights of our meetings.
  • To see the first draft of the handbill we’re using click on http://proofing.colorpress.com/Serns

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