Intro to Momentum DVD Available Soon

The three 7-minute video clips about Momentum, shown at the recent Northwest Adventist Leadership Convention will be coming to your church soon. They are included on the 4th Quarter Northwest Spotlight on Mission (NWSM), due out by the end of October. NWSM is always sent to the first elder and the Sabbath School Superintendent of each church in the NPUC. This edition will also be sent to each pastor and senior academy principal.

The three clips focus on 1. The Vision, 2. How Churches and Schools can build Soul-winning Momentum through regular Harvest Cycles, and 3. How individual members and students can take the initiative to lead friends to Jesus and active membership in the Adventist Movement. The three segments are designed to be shown to your church board and school board in November, with an appeal that each board member will commit to personal involvement in soul winning, and the board collectively take a vote to initiate the first two harvest cycles in 2007, beginning with a prayer focus in January. Then in December the individual segments can be shown to the entire congregation or student body over several weeks. This can be a useful tool in challenging all our members to seriously focus on the mission Jesus has given us.

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