Andrews Seminary Extension Classes at WWC in November

There are two great classes coming to Walla Walla College this November, available tuition free to all pastors and lay members approved by their conference leadership. They are-

  • Exegesis of the English New Testament: – NTST550- November 5-9, 2006 – Taught by Robert Johnston, this course will be an exploration from the English text concentrating on the Parables of Jesus.
  • Spiritual Formation-GSEM541- November 12-16, 2006-Taught by Joe Kidder, This course invites the student to develop his/her understanding and practice of the spiritual life so that life and ministry may more intentionally take place in the context of God’s presence.

To sign up or for more information on these classes this fall go to You might want to check out the recently updated website for all extension classes at

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