US News & World Report quotes Adventist understanding of the State of the Dead

 Here is one more evidence that God is moving key thought leaders around the world toward Bible understandings He gave the Adventist church over a hundred years ago-

“Within religion itself there is also fresh thought about the implications of the new science of the mind for core religious principles and beliefs. Malcolm Jeeves, an honorary professor of psychology at the University of St. Andrews [the oldest university in Scotland, founded in 1413], is one of many believing scientists who think the Christian concept of the soul should be relieved of its Cartesian and Platonic overlays. ‘The immortality of the soul is so often talked about that it is easy to miss that the Jewish view did not support it,’ Jeeves says. ‘Furthermore, the original Christian view was not the immortality of the soul but the resurrection of the body.’ But Platonism did creep in, Jeeves acknowledges, winning over such influential Christian theologians as Augustine and John Calvin. In Jeeves’s view, the new science of consciousness, by showing the inseparable links between mind and body, restores the original Christian conception of the unity of the person. As many Christian theologians now say, human beings do not have souls; they are souls. But Jeeves is realistic in thinking that it will take decades for many of his fellow Christians to accept this way of viewing the soul…” – US News and World Report, October 23, 2006 Cover Story “Science and the Soul” Online at (p. 63 of print edition, p. 8 of online edition)

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