WHAT WORKS FOR ME IN… Finding Bible Study Interests

  • 1) David and Karen Ronk (kdronk@yahoo.com), New Plymouth, ID Seventh-day Adventist Church District (ID Conf) – “We have a survey that I believe Russ Johnson developed and we are going door to door. This survey asks seven brief questions Seventh-day Adventists. We tell the people that we are from the Seventh-day Adventist church and we are checking up on ourselves in the community. We are getting one Bible study from every 3rd to 4th house that we contact. It is just too easy. We started at the church steps and went down both sides of the church street. Within four blocks we had so many Bible studies that we had to quit. Each Bible study represents at least an hour a week. We would be happy to travel anywhere and help any church get started on this very successful survey.”
  • 2) Milton and Ruth Fish (rajack49@midrivers.com), Sidney, MT Seventh-day Adventist Church District (MT Conf)- “Since we are in the far eastern division of Montana we are miles apart from our churches, and our groups are small. But good things are happening. Each person is so special for the Lord and we hope and pray that the Lord will continue blessing and blessing so the Momentum will continue to go forward here, too. Last week the two of us went cold turkey (like cold canvassing) from door to door. We introduced ourselves and told them that we wanted to meet some of our neighbors. We asked them if they had any prayer requests and told them we would be happy to have prayer for them. In that 1 ½ hours we found six folks home, gave them the book Seventh-day Adventists Believe with my husbands business card inside (includes our churches’ & home addresses and phone numbers), then had great conversations with those that wanted prayer and invited them to our church of that area, where they can study the Bible with us. It was so great to see and hear the positive remarks about the Seventh-day Adventists that they know. One young mother said “You both have blessed us so much by stopping by.I had planned on going out of town for a women’s spiritual weekend and found out today that I couldn’t go. You have brightened my day!’ We had prayer with her. A couple days later at the Indian Reservation Area we went door to door and invited some folks to our church and had prayer with those that were there. Again we met with positive comments about Seventh-day Adventists.The Lord is working wonderfully.”

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