How does the South Tulsa Adventist Fellowship get new members involved in the mission?

In 2000 the South Tulsa Adventist Fellowship was started with about two dozen members. Today, with about 600 members, it is the largest Adventist church in the Oklahoma Conference. How did they grow? Pastor Bill McClendon says “Evangelism, evangelism, evangelism.” But how do they get new members involved in the mission and life of the church so they don’t lose them? From the beginning, to be a member, everyone- whether newly converted, long-standing, or transferred in- is expected to be involved in the following—

  • Attend a small group
  • Assist with one evangelistic meeting a year
  • Join a hospitality team
  • Attend church business meetings
  • Attend communion service

By clarifying these things up front they have people join who are excited to be a part of God’s movement in their area. For more information see

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